help me to decide please

  1. hi all!

    i am thinking to get my first givenchy, which is going to be small antigona! (yay) :biggrin::biggrin:

    but am torn between two choices..

    should i get black grained leather antigona or tri coloured antigona? )


    thank you ::ty::ty:
  2. I love the grained leather! I think it's much more timeless than the tricolor. I also don't think you'll be able to wear as much with the tri-color combination. Good luck!
  3. Perhaps for your first, I would suggest a more classic and versatile option. Just to help maximize use for your first Gbag. Good luck
  4. I would do a Black grained Ant. It gives you that edgy, and chic look than the tri color one. Also, it is more versatile, and can be worn with many colors, various seasons. as well.

  5. +1
  6. I would go for the black one
  7. def black - I always got bored of tricolor unless it's like tan/black - the dark brown would irk me after a while.
    And black is such a statement gorgeous piece!
  8. I also vote black! The tricolor is nice but I know I would tire of the color combination rather quickly
  9. I would opt for the bkack too! But that's because I think it will suit my style better so think of how each bag would fit into your wardrobe! Good luck + post pics when you get it :smile:)
  10. I vote black! Just seems a lot more versatile.
  11. I must agree...the black one!
  12. I also agree with black. I may be biased as I've just ordered my first one in black, but I do think its a more classic and versatile colour.
  13. thanks all appreciate all your comments :p

    i guess ill go for a black one yay!
  14. Congratulations on making a decision! You won't go wrong!!
  15. Another vote for black:p