Help me to decide my first Birkin, 40cm?

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  1. It really depends on what you are going to use the bag for. If it is for work, I would keep it. If its for lunch and running errands then it could get quite heavy after carrying it around for a few hours and you could end up getting a stress injury to your wrists.

    You are 5'7" so I think you can easily pull it off but at the end of the day, you should be happy and comfortable carrying this bag. Kristin Cavillari is 5'2" and she has a 40 and looks fabulous carrying it. But I would imagine she can't carry it for long without feeling pained.
  2. I am a very petit woman, even 35 is too large my husband said like I carrying a luggage.LOL. I ended up carrying HAC 32 and Birkin 30.
  3. I agree that Kristin rocks that 40 and owns it. The bag doesn't wear her.
  4. congrats!!! I think she is a beauty!

    I have a 40cm kelly in BE that I truly love because of the color, and I am 5'7" with big built, I can definitely pull off the bag. It is really how comfortable you feel when carrying the bag, it should be you carry the bag, not the other way around.

    Please share some mod pics with us, we can then have better idea how the bag looks on you.
  5. Amazing bag

    I have seen blue tempete in matte croc it is tdf
  6. I love your new blue tempee color.. I am thinking about getting dark blue looks like black. Would you please take photos indoor and outdoor. I appreciate it.

    Such a lovely color....
  7. I just inherited a 40 in Togo Brown palladium and love it but what do you gals think about the twillys tied on? Is it too much?
  8. Honey go for Togo Brown palladium always in fashion NEVER out of place here’s me and my baby cuddling before sleep with a Little twilly tied up on her
  9. Why gild a lily!
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  10. I might be wrong... but have you measured the bag? It looks like a 35 to me. :smile:
  11. No no i promise it’s a 40
  12. You think it’s outta place? Omg help
  13. I am fairly sure I will be in the minority, but you asked for an opinion.
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  14. If it doesn’t excite you, than don’t buy the bag. Other offers will come sooner or later.
    Sometimes SA show other bags and tempt you. If this is not the bag you want IMO don’t buy it.
  15. I couldn’t agree more.
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