Help me to decide my first Birkin, 40cm?

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  1. You will not know until you go yourself. This is so subjective. Heavy? My 35 feels like a feather to me. My 40s--depends on the day.....really: SUB JEC TIVE. Good luck.
  2. I have a b40 as well. I'm 5'8. Love it to pieces but it is heavy.
  3. The 40 is definitely more luggage like. I'm 5'7 and I thought it was too big for me. What also bothers me about it is how large the base is.
  4. I think the 40 is suited for men i think, because of the size and the weight.. some celebrities carry it.. some can pull it off, some just looks too trying hard.. but if you're tall and can handle a heavy bag, (i mean if you're used to 35 Birkins and can handle that weight), then go try it out and see for yourself.. no harm in trying right?
  5. ^^ I beg to differ b 40 cm look great depending on how you carry it but it is very subjective and agree there is no harm in trying :smile:
  6. Blue tempete is great
  7. i think a B40 can look wonderful with the right purpose. like, for travel, or if you have lots of papers to carry for work or school? but if it will only hold your cell phone, wallet, checkbook and not much else it probably wouldn't make sense. good luck!
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    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013
    I have a 40 in black Togo I use for work/travel workhorse. I was just looking at some old photos yesterday of a holiday where I took it as my walking-around bag too, and I was surprised it didn't look too too big, actually. I am almost 5'6" and was wearing flats...
    But it is a bit heavy... Normally I prefer 35 for daily running around type tote.
  9. Ok, I took her home with me. DH kept on saying it is a unique color and looks great on me. SA also said its a great neutral color to start with. I agree the blue is muted and should go with a lot if outfits. I don't think this is the same blue tempte that I saw on PF. She said its a new color called blue tempee. Anybody heard of it? Where can I see the official name of the color and leather?

    It is indeed HEAVY! SA said all of their bags are heavy! Not sure if this is the feeling for every first time purchaser, but I don't feel overly excited. More or so like I got my first Birkin!

    What do you ladies think?

  10. Hmmmm never seen this color. Looks similar to blue orage but not. I think it's BEAUTIFUL though. Congrats! But I'm wondering if you're not feeling overly excited then this may not be the bag for u? Whenever I'm shopping I always know if something is "the one" because I get wide eyed & have heart palpitations. Lol.
  11. Congrats! She is beautiful. You aren't excited about her?
  12. Had to look at this thread myself after you mentioned it. I think the 40 is great.
  13. If you're not excited, take it back at once. It doesn't matter a fig if DH, SA - the entire world - loves it: it is YOUR bag and you clearly are not in love.
  14. If you're not excited about it, then wait for one you love. It might also turn out that there is another Hermes style you actually like better!!
  15. I am glad that you liked it :smile: 40 is a good size but you need to be comfortable with it some tall girls can't carry it and some short iris can carry it perfectly fine:smile: I think it is very subjective:smile: