Help me to decide my first Birkin, 40cm?

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  1. My sa just called that she has a 40cm birkin in bjord with silver hardware in blu
  2. The color is blue temptee. She said its a new color. Does anyone know this color? My target was a 30, or 35 cm. I'm 5'7. Is 40 going to be too big? Not sure how much longer I have to wait if I pass on this one. Any suggestion would be appreciated!
  3. 40 is going to be VERY heavy.
  4. I agree. I also think a 35 is heavy. The only way I would buy a 35 again is if Hugh Jackman agreed to carry it for me. For me to buy a 40....well, he would still have to carry it but wearing teeny, tiny little shorts.
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  5. I have seen previous thread mentioning 40 is more like a luggage... I wanted a handbag
  6. I would try it and see. Some think it has the perfect proportions for a Birkin others think it is heavy. The colour is pretty but you really need to hold it and see for yourself.

    Also, if your target was a 30 or 35 then wait. It is a lot of money to buy something you won't use.
  7. Thanks very much for your reply. This will be my first birkin, I said 30 or 35 because these two seems to be the ideal size for me. I guess you are right. I need to try it and see. My concern is that I'm not patient and probably would be too excited to buy it at an urge. That's why I'd like to get your ladies some advice before I go:smile:
  8. There will be other Birkins. Hold out for what you want. I have size 30 and 35 Bs and find 35 to be too heavy for me to lug around.
  9. Too funny! But in total agreement
  10. I passed up a B40 bcuz of its size. It looks really big amd heavy. I think just wait for the right size for you. Goodluck on your hunt.
  11. I have 2-3 b 40 and they are not luggage they are beautiful handbags and I am 5'2 and wear tall heals and works perfectly as a daily work horse.....there is a thread
    Ode to 40cm birkin which you should check out :smile:
  12. I wear mine with flats and am 5'4", love the 40 Birkin.
  13. I would try it and see but agree to hold out for what you want and not give in to temptation of buying it just to have one quicker.
    Good luck.
  14. This is my blue tempete fjord 35 Birkin. I am 5'10 and very happy with the size. I also have a 40 Kelly which looks fine because of my height, but it is heavy. The 40 Birkin is heavier than the Kelly because it is much deeper than the Kelly.
  15. ^^ I think birkin and Kelly's are heavy no matter what size 30 and 25 cm excluded as I have 35 and 40 no significant difference however I would say that one bag that I really found light is lindy 30 cm as I put the same amount of stuff I put in all theses bags I think you need to try in person and then decide :smile: