Help me to decide, Miu Miu or Chloe?

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  1. Please help me which one I should buy, Miu Miu Scamosciato Old Satched (Suede) or Chloe Paddington Black? Chloe Paddy is the one I wanted from last year, and I also like the design and the color of MM Scamosciato. Another question, MM is suede. Do you guys think it is ok to carry suede bag in the summer?

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  2. Hi and Welcome! :welcome:

    Personally, out of the two, I'd probably get the Miu Miu, as it has a shoulder strap - but that's just me, I like shoulder bags.

    You should get the one that you prefer the look of and that suits you and your lifestyle best. :yes:

    BTW, I think suede's absolutely fine for Spring/Summer use. :biggrin:
  3. I prefer Chloe.
  4. i love the miu miu, although i'd prefer it in leather instead suede.
    i'm afraid to use suede ever since i got my bottega in suede nappa.
    it's gorgeous, but it's so fragile!
  5. ^ :true:
  6. I'd go with the paddington.
  7. chloe :shame:
  8. i would go with chloe, though the miu miu bag is nice, suede is just too high maintenance
  9. Welcome! I would go with the Chloe.
  10. I love both, but Miu Miu is on sale ( It's better to get it now.
  11. I like the Miu Miu, but only in leather. So if you're not going to get it in all leather, then I would get the paddy. I don't believe in suede in the summer.
  12. MiuMiu. Paddy is so 2005.
  13. Miu leather only. Suede is way too much upkeep. So, therefore, I choose the Paddy!!

  14. What about desert boots?! ;)
  15. MM is ok if it's leather, suede is just too risky. Otherwise, go for Chloe.