help me to decide! is it worth to buy neo cabby MM???

  1. HI, i'm 161cm, 95 pound, not really in love with monogram bag..

    i love the shape of the cabby MM, what's your opinions?:shame:
  2. lovely bag... personally get the cabby mm. I prefer the black one..
  3. I have it in black it's one of my favorite mirage speedy in black is first right now. Actually, I think I prefer my cabby more, but I feel guilty not using the mirage speedy. Go for won't be sorry. The compliments I get are never ending on this bag.
  4. thanks for reply...
    i prefer the black as well...
  5. I have the black and am absolutely in love with this bag. I also get complimented a lot on this bag because it's quite unique and edgy, yet the shape is quite classic. I think you should try the bag on if you can, but trust me - you will love it!
  6. I love the bag, my only problem is that it is denim. I think the price is pretty steep for denim but, if this does not bother you, its an amazing bag especially in black.
  7. I have the neo cabby mm in black and I love it!
  8. I have the black cabby mm and I love it. It's a great bag!
  9. I have the cabby GM and love it! It's a great bag. Love the shape!
  10. I have the GM black cabby and it's my favourite bag! It works well both dressed up and dressed down and I love the antique looking finish of the hardware on the black. It seems too costly for a denim bag, but it's so unique. I get compliments whenever I use my cabby.
  11. Totally worth it!
  12. I have it in GM and its a versatile bag. I normally change my bag every day but once I start using the neo cabby I stop using my other bags. :p
  13. I don't have the neo cabby but I absolutely loved the black neo cabby I tried on at the store. I think it would be worth it go for it
  14. I have the blk mm cabby and I adore it! It would be awesome if it was made out of leather...but I have no qualms about it being made out of denim. If people can buy LV canvas, why not denim?
  15. As long as you love it then it's worth it.