Help me to decide for my next H...

  1. I'm very bad:devil:...

    I just had my black Box Birkin:love:,
    and I'm already thinking to my next H :graucho:...

    I've tried some bags at FSH, and here is my short list :
    - Black Massaï PM with PH
    - Raisin Massaï PM with PH
    - SO :yes:: Raisin Vespa with PH with leather shoulder strap (not fabric)

    Which one would you choose and why ???
  2. Raisin Massai would be divine!
  3. ^^^I agree. Then you would have a hand-held and shoulder bag and a neutral and non-neutral colour.
  4. The Raisin Massai is my vote!
  5. fromparis, definitely the raisin Vespa!! :smile:
  6. Raisin Massai :tup:
  7. Forgot to add leather choice :
    - Black Massaï PM with PH in Clemence
    - Raisin Massaï PM with PH
    in Clemence
    - Raisin Vespa in Goat with PH with leather shoulder strap (not fabric)...yes another SO ;)
  8. I still pick the raisin massai! :p
  9. Looks like I'm going to need a Raisin Massaï...
    I'm surprised noone (except KellyBirkin) loves the Raisin Goat Vespa with leather strap....
  10. Massai...raisin or black...
  11. The Vespa sounds TDF!

    But I too like the raisin Massai...
  12. Raisin Massai
  13. Raisin Massai -- especially in clemence! Lovely
  14. The raisin Massai is one of my grails so I'd definitely go with that one!!!:tup:
  15. Wooow I'm impressed:wtf:...There is almost unanimity for Raisin Massaï.
    Well, I think I'm going to follow your advice !!
    I did that for the Box Birkin:love:, and I don't regret:nogood: