Help me to decide: Chanel Chevron 12P or Coco Bengal 12A Small Accordion Tote

  1. Hi ladies,

    Last week I bought Chanel Chevron 12P Calfskin Flap bag in lavender blue. However now I'm on the fence if I should exchange it with Chanel Coco Bengal 12A Small Accordion Tote in blue. I love both bags but I just need 1 blue bag. So please help me to decide, your opinion and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks ladies...
    test 1.jpg test3.jpg test2.jpg 11[1].JPG
  2. i like the coco bengal, only because your collection has lots of classics and the bengal is a bit different
  3. Yeah, I thought so...thanks!
  4. I like the coco Bengal too. Very beautiful... How many compartment inside the accordion?
  5. I'm not sure, never seen it before, the Prefall collection launching today in my country. I will visit the boutique tomorrow.
  6. I absolutely love the chevron flap:smile::smile:. I like the little twist on this flap. I like the strap and the coin embellishment on the strap. I think it adds a little edge and twist on the classic. I think you made the right choice. I typically don't like the accordian flap. I am not fond of the saturation of the color of this bag (I have some beige and camel color and this may just be the lookbook picture). I don't like the embossed desogn within/or embellished CC on the bag and the trim on the front flap. I am also not sure if the calfskin leather fabication has some form of treatment on it. I assume the dimension of the bags are quite similar and meet your needs for function versus style. I prefer the bag you have already purchased. JMHO GL with your decision.
  7. Hi sassygee...thank you so much for your input...I really appreciated it! My husband also prefer the chevron flap bag's a very hard decision..
  8. The chevron flap looks classy and can see you through evenings out. You've already got your casual totes (GST, reissue tote) and a classic everyday flap (jumbo) so the chevron flap is a good addition IMO.
  9. I love the 12P Chevron, I have the exact same one & it is a beautiful piece. I've seen the 12A coco bengal, it's a no no to me.
  10. Thanks for your opinion...yes, the chevron flap looks classy and the bengal tote is more casual...maybe I should keep the chevron :thinking:
  11. ^^^ This.
  12. I like the Chanel Chevron 12P Calfskin Flap bag in lavender blue. It bring a fresh look in your collection. Keep it!!!
  13. I'd pick the chevron flap as well since you have several casual looking totes.
  14. Hii snowbell09, it was your pics that helped enable me to get the Chevron flap bag! Thanks!;)
  15. Thank you! :yes: