help me to decide b/w Olympe Nimbus GM vs Mahina XL

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Olympe Nimbus GM vs. Mahina XL

  1. Olympe Nimbus GM Anthracite

  2. Mahina XL Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I can't decide between Olympe Nimbus GM Anthracite and Mahina XL Black.
    I have black suhali and some other black & gold combos, but Mahina is too beautiful to pass on. And Olympe GM is also very unique. :confused1: HELP ME~~~
  2. i voted for mahina ;)
  3. I voted for the mahina too:love:
  4. I'm leaning more towards the Mahina. I personally like bigger bags. :tup:
  5. I voted the nimbus. I personally like my bags to have zipper closures. The mahina is the new thing so it will probably get a lot of votes.
  6. wow, both bags are gorgeous!!!
    I would say go for the Mahina xl in black, she is so different and big enough to carry a lot of stuff, Good luck!!
  7. the Nimbus GM is HUGE. and yes, i know the Mahina is big as well, but it's so squishy that you can kind of adapt it to your own frame. plus the Mahina in black is HOT!
  8. definitely the MAHINA!
  9. i voted for the Mahina

    i just think it looks more "luxurious" and stylish than the nimbus. when I saw the nimbus IRL, i didn't like how it had the plastic label.
  10. looks like most of you loves mahina... yes i think it has more luxurious look...
    This year LV fall bags are soooo pretty that i can't make my mind :hysteric:
  11. I also voted for the mahina. I saw both in person and the SAs and I couldn't stop touching the bag, lol.
  12. I voted for the anthracite Nimbus GM --- love the bag and the fact that it has a zippered top. I personally thought the Mahina XL was bigger than the Nimbus GM and I tried both of them on and ended up picking the Nimbus.
  13. Mahina XL. I don't like the nimbus at all.
  14. Definitely the MAHINA hands down.

    This bag is so stunning.
  15. Mahina! It's so squishy and cute!