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  1. Hi all,

    I will have a trip to Rome within next few days. I plan to buy a classic and elegant purse, torn between these two; chloe faye medium and valentino glam lock medium. I know I post this in chloe tread, but hoping that I will get some inputs and opinion from you all. Thanks in advance....

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  2. I prefer the structure of the Faye and its quiet elegance. The color tone of this Faye and hardware will make it very versatile. I could see this bag dressed up and rockin a tee and jeans. The Valentino is a beauty, but I would tire of the chain and hardware. HTH! :smile:
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  3. Thank you !

    Yes, there is something about faye that make me want it more. But, would this style be considered as the classic one ? Glamlock valentino has been around for some time, I wonder if the trend of faye will stay longer or just a seasonal style...
  4. I think if youre going for a more elegant look the faye would be perfect! It has this feminine old glam look to it, versus the valentino rock stud that is more edgy yet feminine. As for classic or not, that is a good question.. I almost purchased one but I worry that it is more of a trendy piece, however the more that I look at the medium faye the more I feel like it would be a bag that I can wear years from today and not feel like im outdated or not trendy. It has this old glam look to it that I cant really explain, but if I didn't know the bag was a new style I would have thought it was a piece passed down from a grandmother. It is modern yet gives off a old vibe to it if that makes any sense. I don't see much people with the medium faye either, as opposed to the small one, which personally I prefer. I have also been seeing a lot of knock offs of the small one as well which is extremely disappointing :sad:, but I would say if you love the bag, regardless of if its in trend or not, as long as you love it thats all that matters! good luck and I hope you enjoy your trip to Rome!
  5. Thank you for your thought,

    I have seen and tried valentino IRL, not yet with Faye. There is no Chloe store in Italy which is weird, but I expect to find them in high end department store. I hope after seeing and comparing them irl I can decide which one. You re absoluletley right about chloe gives more feminine look while valentino bring out the edgy look. And yes in the end, the most important thing is we get that 'click' feeling with the bag, no matter it is in trend or not.

    Thanks again
  6. I prefer the Faye. All the hardware on the Valentino piece kind of gives me a headache. And wouldn't it be heavy?
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  7. I love Valentino but not the chain handle. I would go with Faye. I am sure there are stores in Italy by the way
  8. I would choose the Chloe as I'm not a huge Valentino fan overall. The Faye is gorgeous, I wanted it last fall and I'm still obsessed with it this year, so I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon.
  9. I love the Faye!
  10. Valentino for sure! Good luck choosing doll:heart:
  11. I prefer the Faye!
  12. Definitely the Chloe!!!!
  13. Both of these bags a very stylish and classy. My question would be are you mostly sight seeing in Italy or is this trip more about night time events? If you will be out all day walking around Rome I would say the Faye is definitley the way to go. The black Valentino to me is more of a night time or out to lunch bag. Hope this helps!