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  1. Hi all,which one will you choose between them ?i would like to use it for everyday use and also for function ceremony[emoji28] thanks

    Black Chevron mini square
    Black Chevron woc
    Black Classic lamb skin woc
    Black boy lamb skin woc
  2. Hands Down black Chevron Square Mini. The WOC's are really no more than a wallet with a chain and most people need more room for everyday and the Mini can be dressed up or down and at a price difference of $800 is worth it to me for the extra space. The chain on the WOC is really long too....
  3. Not sure how tall you are but my vote is mini definitely, I love minis, my most used Chanel bag. :heart::heart::hbeat:
    Good luck and try it in the store to see which one you love more. This season's caviar square mini amazing quality, very sturdy caviar.:tup:
  4. Make sure your phone will fit in the square mini. I use my WOC for running errands etc but for an everyday bag it's a tight fit unless you truly don't carry anything other than a phone, CC and maybe a lipgloss. I have a 6plus phone and it didn't work in the mini....and I liked the longer chain of the WOC-it depends how tall you are.
  5. I would pick the square since they are more durable and harder to find vs WOC. WOC has issues with the chain rubbing on the purse so if you use it everyday there will be a lot of wear on the top/corner.

    You might want to check/try out the strap length too bc the mini tends to be shorter strap than WOC.
  6. Definitely mini. I agree with all of the other posters.
  7. Perhaps you might want to consider the mini rectangle. I prefer that over the mini square

  8. +1 mini rectangle if you want to take it out for evening events.

    I know that is not on the list of options, sorry!
  9. Chevron mini square :heart:
  10. I'd choose classic lamb skin. for me, classic always win :biggrin:
  11. Mini!
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