Help me to choose~~~~


which one should i get???????????

  1. Denim speedy (blue or pink)

  2. Mono speedy 30

  3. Denim Mini pleaty (pink)

  4. Multicolor pochette

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  1. Hi, girls~~Im in a big trouble... since i can't get LV outa my mind:hysteric:... i need your helps to choose my next LV bag . My only LV bag for now is Blue Denim Baggy GM which i brought 2 weeks ago...:shame:

    i have many large size bags like balenciaga work, city and hobo, Chloe Edith, and now im kinda itching for a small size bag just for going out (with my bf on dates or something:graucho:).

    Heres my list, :shrugs:which one do you think i should get??? Thanks in advance:lol:!!!!

    Denim speedy (pink or blue)
    Denim Mini pleaty (pink)
    Speedy 30
    Multicolor pochette
  2. what colour is your Baggy? i think the Mini Pleaty is a cute fun bag for going out. it gets my vote.
  3. Its BLUE~:heart:and i love it!!!!
  4. I voted for the speedy, it's classic but for going out at night etc. the multicolor pochette is a great choice as well.
  5. The MC pochette is a cute "going-out" bag, and will go with everything. That one gets my vote :flowers:
  6. excellent! you can get the pink Mini Pleaty then :wlae:
  7. Denim mini pleaty in pink!!!:love::tender:
  8. i like the pink denim mini pleaty too~but im not sure if i should get two denim bags, since i already have my blue baggy???and does mini pleaty hold as much as MC pochette???
  9. hey~deluseduck i just noticed that you are from melbourne too:nuts:, thats sooooo cool!!! do you know how much the mini pleaty retail for in oz???
  10. i like the blue Denim Neo-Speedy out of all those. the Mono Speedy 30 is too overrated, the Multicolore Pochette Accessoires and Denim Mini Pleaty are too small. the Neo-Speedy would be the most versatile -- functional and fun :yes:!
  11. My pick is for the denim speedy or mini pleaty to just put in your essentials :smile:. I think the Speedy 30 might be a bit too much if you want a 'going out' sort've bag HTH!
  12. There's a huge price difference between ur options... u could get the Mini Pleaty/Pochette AND the Mono Speedy for the price of the Denim Speedy :idea: Although I love the Denim Speedy, I say go for sth. different coz u already have the Baggy :yes:
  13. My vote would go to Multicolor pochette, if you're looking for a small bag to fit your cell, wallet, keys, lipgross/lipstick. :smile:
  14. Denim Speedy in PINK..... really love this bag!
  15. yea..wallet, cell, keys, lipgloss..thats all i need :P
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