Help me to choose!!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am going to buy monogram speedy 30 and azur speedy 30 but I want to buy epi 30 red or black and I can not decide which 2 I have to buy. I would like to read your comments and if it is possible I want to see those bags picture on hand. Thanks for helping.:love::smile:
  2. Hello! Sorry, I don't own either of those and I don't have any pictures, but you can do a search in the threads for those two epi models to try and find pictures, or maybe someone else has one.

    I think the red would be cute and stand out for daytime use, and the black would be very elegant for night. Both are beautiful... the red color definitely pops out more, but black might match more depending on your wardrobe. Good luck!
  3. Can't help you choose between Monogram and Azur, but I would definitely make one purchase an epi. It's such a great look, and epi leather is easy to look after and doesn't show every little mark and bump. Red is a good color if you wear a lot of neutrals. I wear a lot of white/beige/sand sort of colours in summer and I need, I mean need! a red epi Jasmin. :yes:
  4. Simple and elegant in black :

  5. black is gorgeous. and so is red. id prefer the moka. but its discontinued. NOW THATS A BEAUT. Thank god i bought the wallet before it was gone....

    i say...... black. (elegant)
    and i say azur. (funa and sporty)
  6. thanks ladies. I think I am going to buy red epi speedy:graucho:. but this time I am not sure about the size 25 or 30. I am going to try both. LV red is georgeusssssssssssssssssssssss. Years ago I bought red and black epi backpack style. I still love them but now they are very old ladies now:crybaby: . next time I am going to buy black passy maybe. I like the passy's shape. You can use it day and night, on hand or shoulder:p. Also I am dying for mc petit noe:love:. I WANT ALL LV BAGS....PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. black epi and azur!
  8. My vote is for the mono and the black epi.

  9. Ditto - plus the epi is fine in bad weather, and the Azur is for sunnier days!
  10. That's right tracy814. But imagine azur speedy whith jeans, white shirt and tan boots or white converse:girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh:. I am so confused. The best way to choose the rigt bag is going to the LV store I think. I am going to buy mono speedy but still not sure about the other one.
  11. I love converse also:biggrin:
  12. I actualy own a monogram, azur, and black epi 30 speedies.
    The monogram was my 1st and I have used it so much!!! I love it. The Azur was my second and honesty I didn't use it much this summer. IHonesty the mono is so veritle and goes with so much and can be used year round so I really didn't need the azur. I was thinking of selling it but may just keep it for summer time. I have the black epi and use it for work. It is a fab veritie bag. I looked at the red and ended up with a red passy. I love teh red too but honestly get more use out of the black. Happy shopping.
  13. I'd vote for the black epi, because it's subtle and can be worn with just about anything. Good luck deciding !!
  14. I also vote for the black epi speedy...which is a classic...and can be dressed up or down...and the mono speedy...which is just a fun... casual...classic... bag...Good luck with your bag search....and enjoy your purchases....
  15. I love the black epi!