Help me to choose which Trapeze colour you love more

  1. hi bella , i prefer the khaki :smile: very nice with neutrals and blue !:heart: you can't go wrong with any of them though !
  2. Where have you been? I really miss you :hugs:
    I had tried to stay clear from the forum for a little while to avoid too many temptations :p

    Thanks for the vote dear *F* I 'm more leaning toward the Khaki now.
  3. So far :
    - Khaki 18
    - Terra 6
    - Olive 2
  4. Hello. I'm all excited about your future trapeze! Are they all in stock where you are? I'd faint if they were all sitting in front of me in a row :smile:
  5. No they are not currently available where I am (Sydney, Australia). But I hope my friend can find me one in the Khaki or the Terracotta.
  6. Since I've been able to see the Khaki in person, so I'm obsessed.
  7. I like the terracotta
  8. You are so lucky. I wish I could see the bag before I purchase it. Most of the time I realise on the image posted my lovely members here.

    Is the colour on the 'Giveaway photo' spot on?
  9. I vote for Khaki too!! now I want that bag too :sweatdrop: >,<
  10. Hi Klow-Chloe, where are you going to get the bag? I'm looking for luggage too but seems hard to find nowadays >,<
  11. For this Trapeze I have a friend who will get it for me. Which colour are you after in the luggage and which size?
  12. - Khaki 20
    - Terra 7
    - Olive 2

    Any more vote please :smile:
  13. brava buddy, i am busy like hell and not very active in these days :sad: ..ohh can't wait to see your new trapeze, i think it is a fabolous style (but i am saving money for gris tarmac:cool:) xoxo
  14. If my friend can find me one I will post some photos if I ever manage to get one:smile:
    Wow I need to check out the gris tarmac:p
    Lot of :heart::heart: & :hugs:for you
  15. OMG I can't decide which I prefer more....... There all TDF