Help me to choose Trapeze Color

  1. The price is going up to $2300 for the fall/winter :sad: I was able to locate small terracotta in Barneys.
  2. That's exactly what I have thought. The burgundy/green combo has this edgy and young vibe to it, while terracotta has more neutral and feminine touch to it . Wish I could have both!!!
  3. Have you seen the new Trapeze colors for Fall /winter 12? You should ck them before you buy, I almost bought the Terracota but after seeing the new colors I'm waiting! Here are ones I narrowed it to.
    image-2178167877.jpg image-1614924978.jpg
  4. I got the mini in terracotta and I love it! Such a pretty color scheme and goes with most clothing!
  5. I like the one with blue flap!! I'd prefer to have suede wings rather than the flap though... but the color combo is gorgeous :drool:
  6. +1 for the Terracotta! I love that the colors are very neutral yet look very different under different lighting, especially the suede wings. It is gorgeous!
  7. But don't you think it will not scratch as much with the flap being suede? If the flap is smooth it will scratch and show, that's the place where it will get most use too!
  8. Definitely go with the green wings. So gorgeous!!
  9. I've seen both IRL and I prefer the burgundy. The green suede is gorgeous!
  10. Another Terracotta vote. :smile:
  11. i always veer on the safe side. but i wear mostly neutral like dark jeans, gray, white & black tops.

    if you wear more colorful fare you can go with the terracotta, which i think you prefer more.
  12. I have both combis, and I agree with the earlier comments about how the terracotta is a prettier neutral colour, and the burgundy with green wings is an edgier bag. I love both but use the terracotta a lot more.
  13. lucky you! how about color transfer on dark jeans? so tempted to get another trapeze...
  14. I was very worried about that initially, as the lower back part of the bag rubs against you when you carry it on the shoulder, but so far so good. The colour is pretty dark and the many layers of Colonnil I used on the bag might have helped :p
  15. Wish I could have both!! Both combis are gorgeous :drool: lucky you :smile: