Help me to choose the city.....Please ^O^


Which color do u like best in city RH??

  1. bleu glacier

  2. aquamarine

  3. vert d'eau

  4. marine

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  1. I would like to get a new city in RH but I couldn't decide which color to get among............
    :rolleyes: bleu glacier
    :drool: aquamarine
    :yes: vert d'eau
    ;) marine

    Which color do u like best?
    And which color do u think it could be d everyday bag?
    Right now, I 've already got a brown city.

    Thanks for ur suggest...
  2. I was going through this same dilemma yesterday. It is so hard to pick one color when they are all so great in their own way.

    I am going to have to go with Aquamarine! I have one on the way. I think it will be a great bright color and will be able to go with any outfit and every day use.
  3. wow it's hard...
    but if u already have a brown city, which is dark...

    i think u should go for a lighter colour to add variety
    so i vote for vert d'eau or aquamarine.
    but i vote for aquamarine

  4. I picked Aquamarine - didn't think I would like this color until I saw it IRL, it was very pretty!!!
  5. I picked aquamarine for versatility in terms of it being different from the brown (a lighter colour but bright!) and less worrisome in terms of fading or getting it dirty like the vert d'eau. Plus it's a super gorgeous colour.

    Now if you were doing GH I'd be picking marine!
  6. aquamarine all the way....
  7. Aquamarine!!
  8. I say Aquamarine!!!! I just ordered a Aqua City so that is my favorite but my second choice would be Marine! It reminds me of Ink. CONGRATS one getting a new bag and make sure and post pics when you get it!
  9. I voted Aquamarine! Such a gorgeous color...
  10. i actually like the marine, but since you already have a dark bbag, def. go with the aquamarine...
  11. Aquamarine - it's very versatile and very gorgeous. ( I have it with GH, but I like it with RH too.)
  12. I prefer Aqua. It's a beautiful color.......reminds me of the Caribbean.
  13. Definitely Aquamarine! I have seen it IRL. It's TDF. Especially in City. I love Aqua in City.
  14. Welcome to the TPF Vivicol! I would picK either the Vert D'eau or Aquamarine, both are gorgeous and versatile IMO.
  15. I would choose aquamarine for the city.....even though other colors looks good as well....:greengrin: :greengrin: