Help me to choose Pochete Metis empriente or Gucci Marmont?

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  1. This time I really need your input! I mainly buy Louis Vuitton but have eyeing on GG Marmont for some time. I have PM in reverse monogram. Which one do you think is more usable, dress up and down? Thank you.
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  2. Definitely the Métis. I was also considering the Gucci Marmont before buying my PM in Monogram but even the SA at the Gucci store told me that the Marmont doesn’t have any solid structure so it might lose shape quickly if used often. I think that bag is too pricey fir what it is. Would love to the the PM in black empriente one day myself.
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  3. Pochette Metis! No question.
  4. Both are nice but PM more useful... also depending on how much you carry the Marmont is a bit smaller and less organized.
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  5. PM for sure. I hate how the Marmont has a tendency to lose its shape after a while
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  6. Do you have a Marmont?
  7. I used to and then I sold it.
  8. Since you already have the PM, I'd suggest the Marmont. But why did you sell yours previously?
  9. I did not sell it. I still use it and like it a lot. That why I consider of buying one more.
  10. Personally I like the PM better but I feel the Marmont is easier to dress up and down if that is what you're going for. While some may say you can dress up the PM (especially the empriente version), to me it's still gives off satchel or bookbag vibes and will never look dressy enough for a night out (but ok for say, business attire or something like that).
  11. Definitely PM even though I’m not a fan of empriente. It’s better quality than marmont and not to mention I see a dozen Gucci bags a day and they don’t wear well.
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  12. This is how I feel about the PM too. A bit bookish and casual, can also have a business vibe. But definitely not a sexy bag. Having said that, it is a very popular style and I do see the appeal of this this bag. If you choose the empreinte version, I do recommend getting it in the red (cerise) or papyrus. IMO they are pretty colors and makes this bag a bit more feminine. :smile::smile::smile:
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  13. Yes, you are right. I am looking for a more dressy bag but can still use in day time. I don’t go to party much, one or two times per year and some conference dinners. I feel monogram is too casual for such occasions. That why I look at Gucci Marmont. Thank you for your comments.
  14. pm - no doubts find the huge logo on the marmont tacky....
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  15. Another vote for PM.. just not a fan of Marmont.. good luck on deciding..
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