help me to choose one! thx!

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  1. i am 24 years old now, which petit noe is better? the red epi one or the monogram? help me! love you all!:smile:


  2. you cant go wrong with either but I love epi petite noes!
  3. I really love them both, is this for everyday use?

  4. thx!:P
  5. not exactly for everyday use! i love petit noe, it is so cute, but i dont know if red epi is suitable for me !:s
  6. personally, i have been eyeing the mono one! good luck on your decision. :smile:
  7. I am loving the little red epi noe! But both are adorable.
  8. my vote is for the red epi! Good luck!
  9. I think hat if you feel the color is too bold than go with the more traditional mono canvas, but you can't go wrong with either, there just so cute and versatile!

  10. thx!:P

  11. thx!:P
  12. thx!:P
  13. I like them both but the red epi has no vachetta bottom to worry about and won't mark if it gets wet. So I vote for the epi, the red is great colour too.:yes:
  14. i am irresolute because of the sharp colour! :sad:
  15. wo, that is really important of the vachetta bottom!
    thx for your point!:yes: