Help me to choose one for spiaggia, please!

  1. I really like to collect as many as tokidoki bags as I could, even though I just start from cita rosa last fall. It's kindna of late, I know...but I will at least get one of each pattern from eBay to complete my collection. :graucho:

    Can you help me to choose the spiaggia from since 30% off discount. I am definitely need to get one. But they only have some styles left. If you were me, what do you think the best placements will be on those 5 styles: bambinone or ciao or ciao ciao or corriere or campeggio?

    I need to make my decision soon, or it will sold out quickly. Please give me your thoughts. Much love and thanks in advance.:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  2. i favor messengers. so i'd go with the ciao2 or he campeggio! good luck!
  3. ciao or ciao ciao - more print, less breakupness.
  4. I totally agree, ciao or ciao ciao. If you get ciao ciao you'll definitely get more of the print so it just depends how much of it you want. I'd personally go with the ciao b/c I'm into them right now! ;) Good luck, let us know what you choose!
  5. OK. The range drops to ciao and ciao ciao. More comments, please!!!

    I am 5'6 and 115 lbs, is ciao will be too small on me? or ciao ciao too big on me?
  6. I love my Gioco...
  7. I think either will look fine. Just depends on how much you carry/plan on carrying in it.
  8. Well, it depends on what size you really want for this print. For smaller bags, I really like the Ciao because it's hands-free and has the flexibility of adjusting size from 7x10 to 10x11, a nice option! If you're looking for something bigger, then my favorite is the Campeggio.
  9. I'm 5'6" as well, but heavier, and I love my ciao ciao. It's not too big because it will kind of wrap around your body if you wear it messenger-style. You'll definitely have the best chance of a great print placement as well because it's a large full cut of fabric on both sides, no breaks. I think you'll pretty much get the entire print on both sides of a ciao ciao.
  10. have you tried them on in store? that might help since you're concerned with how it'll look in proportion to your body. i never knew this but there is a huge difference between a ciao and a ciao ciao.

    personally, when i had a spiaggia bambinone, i loved it to death because it held so much and it was a pretty comfortable size because at the shortest strap length it hit directly at my hip. i have a campeggio now, which i love for school. all of the things i carry in my purse fit neatly into the two front pockets and the inside pockets are nice and big and deep so they can fit pencils, pens, makeup, etc. i'm currently carrying a 1.5 inch binder, a few folders and a day planner in it.
  11. For me, it would definitely be a ciao because ciao ciao is too big on me (I'm only 5'3") and it's super cute (that's my next bag style if I get more bag). For your height, either ciao or ciao ciao would work, so I would base it on how much you carry in your bag. I agree that ciao and ciao ciao very difference in size.
  12. I never thought I could carry a ciao...always thought it was waaaaaay too small for me ( I :heart: big bags) but it just forces you to carry the essentials. I'm 5'5" and I've never ever had a tiny bag before but the ciao is cute b/c you can open it up and wear it long. I :heart: wearing it messenger style across the body! However for day trips and carrying a lot of stuff the ciao ciao is the way to go. I carried my ciao ciao all day in Disneyland and it was really it depends if you want to carry a lot or a little.
  13. Just to add- I've never tried a Ciao Ciao (but will probably get one eventually), but I have a Ciao, and we sound the same size. I'm 5'5" and I never weigh myself, but it's usually 108-112 when I do. It doesn't look too small on me, so it couldn't look too small on you, IMO. :yes:

    ETA: AND like TokiliciousJenY said, you can wear it two ways. :yes:
  14. I also like the messanger style, I have two campeggios, inferno and pirata. Spiggia is a print that would look great on a campeggios, just watch your print placement...oh, you are getting on line- so they wont help you out with that huh?
  15. Tell you guys a good news, I jsut made a phone call to Nordstrom. They can match price for 30% off on spiaggia, but unfortunlly there are nothing left. Maybe you can give a call to some Nordstrom still have the spiaggia left. :roflmfao:

    I have not made my mind to choose either ciao or ciao2 or campeggio. I have tried to persuade my husband to let me buy two. Then I can just go ahead order ciao and campeggio. :lol: