Help me to choose my new bag!

  1. I need my bag! I need to choice between this models (is the only ones I like it). I am not too crazy about the Carly -I don't know why if everybody loves it here- but I want please that you help me.
    This are my choices:


    I don't know what the following pictures are... take a look just of the pictures of the bags!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    BKHBK-1_s 1.jpg BKHBK-1_s.jpg BKHMA-1_s.jpg BKHPH-1_s.jpg BKHKL-1_s.jpg
  2. I have the large duffle and the large signature stripe tote, and I used to have a large Carly.

    I like the large duffle. It is comfy on the shoulder, for me. It holds a lot. I prefer it in the leather because it is just amazing! And you get the nice tattersall lining that you have pictured. I think it is a rip that the sig ones get plain lining.

    I see you like the medium duffle! That one is nice too and can be worn cross-body!

    That strap you have pictured looks like the one on the large duffle! I really like the details on the strap.

    I use the large Sig Stripe tote for a baby bag.. But I don't really care for the open top and sometimes it doesn't want to stand up by itself.. a purseket helps, but the bottom of the bag isn't that structured. Mine has the pretty legacy lining:love: Some people don't like the 2 skinny straps and I must say, I prefer one strap for a bag I use as an everyday bag.

    I used to have a large carly. I liked that bag at first but after using it for a while I felt like it was hard to get in and out of because it slouched so much... i like the way the slouch looked though, haha! Also, this purse is heavy and some people say it slips off their shoulder.

    I hope you find your perfect purse!
  3. hhhmmm well it is up to you, but you said yourself you are not crazy for Carly, so I would eliminate that!!! :yes:
  4. Ok here is the pictures!
    11099_BKHPH-1_d2.jpg 11099_BKHMA-1_d2.jpg 10620_BKHBK-1_d2.jpg 10838_BKHMA-1_d2.jpg 10619_BKHBK-1_d2.jpg
  5. More options:
    10620_BKHAG-1_d2.jpg 10620_BKHE3-1_d2.jpg 11437_BKHKL-1_d2.jpg 11437_BKHWT-1_d2.jpg
  6. I wasn't too crazy about the Carly at first either. I saw the Large Denim Carly at the outlet and passed it by a couple times, then decided to try it on. As soon as I saw myself with it in a mirror I just had to laugh. This bag I didn't even think I liked totally won me over. I only tried it on in the first place to get an idea about what all the hype over the bag was about. I guess you just have to try everything on to find out what really works for you.
  7. I would decide if you want long or short, zippered or open, and then either get the tote or the bleecker... why get a carly if you don't like them? :confused1: You are paying for a bag to love and enjoy! :yes:
  8. I got a purseket for my Large Carly and it totally helps it keep its shape and makes it so much easier to get in and out of. It also seems to help distribute the weight more evenly. It works awesome for me!!
  9. The bleeker duffle is starting to really grow on me. I saw one the other day in with a burgundy accent and it looked really good!