Help me to choose my LAST Balenciaga...


For your Last Bbag you should go for a...

  1. Black WE

  2. Anthracite WE

  3. Black New Flat Messenger

  4. Anthracite New Flat Messenger

  5. Something else...

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi Ladies:love: ,

    I'm waiting for a Birkin, and after this one : I'll be on a serious Purse Ban:sad: ...

    So I really need your help to choose my LAST Balenciaga...and to make the GOOD choice !

    As you can see, I have 10 bbags so far...and I like colour/style diversity (but black can be repeated:rolleyes: ):
    First : Black / Magenta/ Emeraude / Cornflower
    City : Black / Rouge Vif
    Mid A : Blue India
    Day : Truffle
    Work : Ink / Grenat

    I'm hesitating...should I go :
    - Black Weekender
    - Anthracite Weekender
    - Black New Flat Messenger
    - Anthracite New Flat Messenger
    - Something else ??? Please tell me

    Thank you in advance for your help:love: !!!
  2. I think the weekender is a versatile bag, and it looks like you already have a couple black bags, so why not go for anthracite?
  3. Ohh 'P' fromparis .... you've such an enviable bbag-collection :drool: - I really adore your taste :tender: :love: !!
    Since you don't have a weekender now I'd vote for the Anthracite WE - this would be a great addition to your fantastic collection IMO ;) :yes:
  4. I voted for Anthracite Weekender :yes:

    I think a Weekender would complete your collection (for now!)
  5. i'll vote for weekender, and although a black one would be GREAT, but u already got a dark work in ink, and i think an antrachite weekender will "complete" you this time :yes:
  6. I voted for the new flat messenger in Black
  7. i voted for the anthracite weekender...if this is your last bbag, you might as well complete your collection w/ a WE! :graucho:
  8. I really really like the new messenger so my vote went for that in anthracite!!!
  9. fromparis, the Anthracite Flat Messenger gets my vote. It's a different shape from your current collection, IMO!

    Do let us know what you decide on, okay? :smile:
  10. Another vote for the Anthracite WE!

    I wish you well,

  11. anthracite weekender gets my vote!
  12. Thanks you for all your votes Ladies:love:
    you're right maybe I should go for Anthracite...

    But I can't decide between WE and the New Flat Messenger:confused1: ...
    Both would be new style in my collection...
    The new Flat M : seems to be so practical for an everyday use since you can keep your hands free...
    The WE : is so gorgeous, and could be great when I have to leave Paris for a couple of days ...for Work or WE....
    Really I can't decide:shrugs: ...
  13. hi P... i said anthercite tooo.. i think it ouwl complete your collection which is ALREADY to die for!!
  14. new flat messenger in black gets my vote!
  15. I would opt for a weekender but would check out if anthracite is not too "greenish" if so I would go for a black one!