Help me to choose my first Balenciaga. Coquelicot vs Cassis ??

  1. Omg one more month of waiting for u... My bag was purchased from a bal boutique, therefore maybe they will get the color quicker... But when I was there they only had 3-4 new colors from the new season.... Here's a better comparison pic from the coq n cassis under natural indoor sunlight.... I will post some modeling pic once I bring her out ;)

  2. oh my god both are wonderfull. The red is really stunning but more a summer color. Cassis will be my choice. I will get the giant city in rose gold. Thank u for posting this pic u remove all my doubt !!
  3. Just saw Cassis IRL yesterday. It looked very blah to me... Not nearly as saturated as the bordeaux. Definitely doesn't look like an intense wine red to me. The leather is also just like 12ss leather, which is yet another disappointment for me. I don't like this season's coquelicot either, but if it's from last season then coquelicot wins hands down no doubt.
  4. ;) looking forward to see ur mod pic soon!
  5. OMG! I got the stunning Coq too & crazy about it, but CASSIS is completely a different red & a great color for any season. Though i will still keep my Coq, but not bad to have both.

    Can't wait for your reveaL.
  6. Just six weekends to go, and if you keep yourself really busy at work during the week, and clean your house like mad and catch up with family and friends at the weekend, you'll find the six weeks will just fly-y-y-y-y-y and your bag will be here in no time at all!!!
  7. Omg! You're killing me because I just saw cassis bal bags today and I was not expecting to like/want this colour! I am waiting to see mangue.

    Your bags are gorgeous but I'm swooning over your cassis!
  8. Hi everyone! I just got my first bbag in coquelicot. The leather really seems fragile. Wondering if the color gonna fade badly? And please share the age/condition /picture of your oldest bbag! Thanks!
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  10. Hi bambijo, I have a coq rh city from FW11 and I love this pure red. I've seen the cassis city rh yesterday in Germany by Petra Teufel in Hamburg and I tell you - cassis is NOT a deep wine red!!! It is much lighter and very berry - looks like a cherry-jogurt ;) I'm very sad ... Exactly an red wine colour I'm looking for such al long time too ...
  11. i choose coquelicot its just stunning!
  12. Coq