*HELP ME TO CHOOSE my 2nd le Boy*pleas

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  1. i'm so undecided between this two Le Boy from the Cruise 2013, pleas help me!
    I LOVE BOTH!!!
    thanks!!! xxx

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  2. I would probably go with the one on the first picture. Good luck, because it's going to be a tough choice.
  3. I prefer the second one :smile:
  4. second one -- all black is more versatile IMO
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    Aren't all the pictures a Black Boy Cube?

    ETA: LOL. Now I see one has the red and the other has white. I like the White.
  6. I like the second one :smile:
  7. I actually love both of them, so I can see why you're having a hard time choosing! Do you already have black bags in a similar size? If so, go with the 1st one! If you don't have a black bag then go with the 2nd one.
  8. Black/Red Combo is my vote
  9. The first and second are the same (navy) and the third one is a black cube. Is it right?

    They are all very cute but the color contrast in the navy is more beautiful!
  10. Love the red contrast. May I ask where you saw these bags? I have a friend looking for a cube bag. Thanks
  11. My friend have the second one and I love it!
  12. Is the choice between navy with red cube and black with white cube? I'm not sure about other countries, but US did not have black at the boutiques or department stores, only navy, red, white, gold and pewter. With that said I'm more comfortable saying navy cube. If you're getting these from the boutique, you can't go wrong with either color, but is it's from a reseller, don't forget to have it authenticated first.
  13. Love the red accents #1
  14. Like the last pict
  15. I like the second one more.