Help me to choose mini luggage !!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I currently have royal blue mini luggage and thinking about returning it for multicolor mini that just came out, I believe. Which one do find it more attractive??
  2. I still like solid color for Mini! The new one I guess is good for winter days. But the Royal Blue is just too hard to resist! :lol:
  3. Yes, I was on the endless waiting list for the royal blue. But whenever Celine produces new color combo, I am so tempted!! :sweatdrop:
  4. I'm not a bright blue kinda gal but that royal blue is gorgeous. Please don't return it.
  5. The blue really pops. I'm not a fan of the tri-colours but that's just me!
  6. I prefer the royal blue.
  7. I like royal blue
  8. I prefer the tri-colour. Just ordered one myself. Can't wait :smile:
  9. i prefer the solids on the minis personally, and royal blue is too beautiful to give up! keep RB :biggrin:
  10. Royal blue is getting more difficult to find as demand is huge, if u return it, it will be gone within minutes.
  11. Royal blue all the way!!!
  12. TRUST ME!
    The royal blue! Its GORGEOUS than tri-color, In addition its very hard to find
  13. Royal blue looks really nice. I'd keep that.
  14. The royal blue is a rich pop of colour! LOVE it!
  15. Royal blue forever!!!!!