Help me to choose medium box

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Help me to choose celine box

  1. Terracotta

    18 vote(s)
  2. Light Khaki

    12 vote(s)
  1. I only have neutral/black bags. While people are recommending me to get a very classic celine box that is either in black or tan, I am leaning toward getting a special color that will stand out in my collection, but still wearable. I am thinking about either terracotta or light khaki. Which one would be more wearable but yet stand out?? (yes, I am being very difficult)

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  2. Terracota! I feel it will be more versatile+ that color is beautiful.
  3. I voted for the Light Khaki, just because I love green. For me, an olive tone color still considered neutral and not that hard to match with.
  4. I love that you are choosing colours that you actually love and not let others influence you. Honestly I think these stand out but look really elegant. The terracotta is more neutral and perhaps more classic.

    The green would look so amazing as well, especially against white, grey, beige and black.
  5. Did you get one?
    Another vote for terracotta, beautiful color and very current.
    These two are not box though but liege?