help me to choose... i am so confused.

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  1. so i have been on the search for the "perfect pump" now for quite a while... i am starting to go crazy- my options are (1) clichy 120 (2) lady lynch 120 (3) ron ron 140 (4) declic 140

    i had a pair of pigalle 120s and i can walk fine in towering heights, but i am over the pointed toe for now.

    any thoughts?? i know that is wayyyy too many different stlyes but i would love to hear your feedback so i can narrow my search to 1 "best" overall style.... TIA!!!
  2. TBH those styles are all very similar IMO OP.

    Also Ron Rons come in 140mm??????? :confused1:
  3. The Ron Ron is actually 100mm.

    That said, I do not believe there is any such thing as the "perfect pump;" this will vary person to person. My perfect pump is the Bianca, but this is not the case for many others due to the substantial platform. If I were to choose a favourite from your above mentioned styles, it would be the Clichy.
  4. IA with Jenay, the Bianca is my perfect pump also (it is basically a ron ron, with a platform & 40mm heel increase) it goes perfectly with dresses, jeans, etc and are my most comfortable CLs, so I always try to recommend them.

    Out of the styles you have listed I like the Clichys and the Declics the best!
  5. Oh! I meant ron ron 120... I thought they came in both 100 and 120??

    I can't seem to grasp the body of the bianca yet, I don't want to offend but they seem "clunky" to me... The declic 140 is almost pushing it for me. I guess I should specify that I want a shoe that is lady-like, the sexiness coming from the toe cleav. + 120+ heel as opposed to a large platform.
  6. There is no Ron Ron 120, just 100mm and 85mm. There IS, however, the Lady Lynch 120 which has a similar toebox to the Ron Ron. ;)

    The pitch of the Declic 140 is very hard, I've heard. I want a pair SO badly but the pitch makes me nervous. The 120 is still gorgeous and wearable. I love mine.
  7. Actually, I like the Decollete. I love the 120 heel and the almond toe. Although given what you list, I'd go with the Ron Ron.
  8. have you tried any of these on????

    I think they're all very classic pumps and some may fit well on you while it may not for others. You need to see these in person and try them on.
  9. Great advice!
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    [Declic 140]
  11. I also like the décolleté. Out of the ones you listed, I like the clichy. I recently purchased a pair of miss clichy, they are double platformed cause it's 160. I'm also not a big fan of Bianca due to the thick platform but I find the miss clichy elegant due to it's hidden platform and the way its shaped somehow. Ultimately, my love is for pigalles, so sad your kind of over it. Hopefully your love for them will return. I think pigalles are the ultimate beautiful classic shoe.
  12. What about Alti 140 or 160? Miss Clichy 140? Otherwise I vote Declic or Clichy. But Ron Ron would probably be most versatile.
  13. Clichy or LL for me.

    I agree with Dessye, Ron Rons are very versatile, it depends which heel height you want.
    Are 100mm too low for you?
  14. I love the clichy and ron ron, both very sexy and classic at the same time IMO
    I also agree with Vixxen and elitebysl- Decolletes are beautiful!
  15. Ron rons or Lady Lynch I would say, Ron Rons are so beautiful (and I love how my SA say it... but that just my obsession about french R :P ) and Lady Lynch is so sexy... (I wish I could walk in them ahahha)... Good Luck!