help me to choose.. EB, Turquoise, yellow, magenta, bubble gum pink

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  1. I am back in love with Balenciaga!!!!

    I am a bit lost since I havent been looking at B-bag threads for a while...

    For the above color, are they all for S/S 08?? and if I only can choose 2 out of 4, what will you choose?

    and has magenta , bubblegum pink has been around for a while? and yellow , Turiquoise is new release??
  2. I say go for the Yellow and Magenta~!
  3. EB, BG and Magenta have been around for a little bit, and Yellow & Turq are new :yes:

    I have seen all these IRL and I would choose EB and Magenta.
  4. Personally, I am very interest in all those color but I might only pick one out of Bubblegum and magenta..

    are those 2 color still available in the store?? by any chance?/

    I am totally in love with yellow , I LOVE BRIGHT YELLOW and I found the one release last yr was a bit.. orangie.....

    For blue, EB and Turquoise which one is brighter?? the turquoise seems very similar to 05 one to me
  5. I just got my Turq from Bal LA and it is stunning!!!! But the one I saw at NM wasn't the best leather although the color was great... so my first vote goes for the turq!! (although I also love the EB) As for the second, I think if you can get a great leathered yellow you should go for that---> the color is so unique and plus in the fall there will be another magenta (that is reminiscent of magenta 05) so you could always get your pink fix then! Good luck deciding!!!
  6. Out of those choices, I'd pick EB and Magenta. But they are all yummy colors!
  7. thanks for all your opinion.. i cannot believe I am going to buy another 3 b bag....

    I had a b bag bug last yr and I bought like 5 from S/S 07 and i think i am done with B bag.. I cannot believe... cannot believe I am going to order another 3 !
  8. I'd get a '08 Magenta and '08 Turquoise! :love:

    Have you seen pics of these colors? Shasta just recently posted pics of a stunning '08 Turquoise City and here's a pic of my '08 Magenta Work! Good luck choosing! :yes:

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  9. agree
  10. I would say get the EB I would post a pic of mine but I still can't find my bloody camera!! If you're not crazy about the magenta/bubblegum hold out for the amethyst in F/W thats what I'm doing. The turq looks much lighter than the '05 turq but it is a nice blue EB is more deeper. I'm not too crazy about the yellow. What about the coral?
  11. Bubblegum for sure. The color is gorgeous and who knows when they will do another pink. For the 2nd I would say Electric blue or Turquoise. There is a magenta coming in the fall that looks to be much brighter and prettier than current season, so you could get that later. The yellow, it's just so bright, the leather so smooth, it looks good on some of the girls here, I just don't think I could wear that color with my coloring and it i don't have much to wear it with.
    Get what you love. Those would be my choices. The only 2008 color I purchased was BG. I'm waiting to see how the agneau leather ages and wears before I invest a lot on new bags.
  12. I would go with EB and turquoise! GL!
  13. Magenta and turquoise! The magenta is so, so pretty!
  14. Hmmmmmm, I think you should go with EB, Turquoise, yellow and Bubblegum pink. Go ahead and get all four because you are going to wish you did later.
  15. I've only seen BG and magenta IRL. It really depends on whether you like smooth or veiny leather, as some magenta bbags are super veiny but some are less veiny and very saturated in color. Magenta can be really pretty if you manage to find one in the type of color you like.