help me to choose color of Dior polochon medium bag

  1. Hi

    Im going to get a the Dior polochon handbag in a larger size which is similar to the Speedy LV bag. Not sure what colors I should pick, I really like black easy to maintain but I already have a black LAdy Dior lambskin. if you guys have seen them, please give some input to help me to choose a color. if you have a picture, please post them for me to see. Thanks
  2. I recommend the Granville Polochon in Dove Grey deerskin. The colour is somewhat easier to maintain than light colours (it's somewhere between light and dark), and it's a very pretty neutral colour.
    Dior Granville Polochon Dove grey deerskin 1.jpg Dior Granville Polochon Dove grey deerskin 2.jpg Dior Granville Polochon Dove grey deerskin 3.jpg
  3. I can't help you to choose your colour : I love bleu roi and corail but they are not every day colors...
    But, please :shame:, when Granville polochon is yours come and show us, there are so few pictures of this bag.
  4. Thanks everagejoe and itaque, my heart set for the deerskin grey color, but it's not available in Australia yet, I've seen the foulard sort of light pink, I love it too but I'm sure it will get dirty easily! Maybe I should wait until the grey color available here. I'll get the larger polochon bag and I'll try to upload photos! There isn't many colors to choose and I really love the bag, the size style and the material are so nice !
    And you guys are right, there is very little colors and I haven't seen many people carrying it because I think it's rather expensive for a speedy style handbag.
  5. You'll love it! I have the gray deerskin Granville (not polochon style) and I loveeee the color!!! I also have the black lambskin with cannage pattern polochon and I love how lightweight the bag is given the fact that its leather (my LV bandouliere are wayy heavier). Although I will say that the polochon is on the smaller side, probably equivalent to the speedy 25, but the quality is sooooo much better. You really do get what you pay for! No regrets!
  6. I was considering the foulard in this style too, but I completely agree that it will get dirty easily. I'm holding out for the grey to become available one day! :biggrin:
  7. I'm debating between a polochon and the LV sofia coppola. any ideas anyone?
    I think for polochon you have lots of color choices.I'm thinking of beige, clover, corail, or the new, light blue. for LV SC it's just so hard to get a color that I really like.
    But the SC bag is definitely more durable. And, I'm not sure, but it seems the SC bag is easier to open and put stuff in?
  8. Yeah, the dior sale person told me I can get the grey deerskin in the granville, but I really like the polochon which only available in the light pink, coral and black ! I'm leaning towards the black but I already have two black bags including my Lady dior in black lambskin. I definite wont get the small polochon because its very small and it doesn't fit my ipad mini. I'm very confused right now, I don't know how long the grey polochon will be available in Australia.
  9. I've seen the LV Sofia Coppola, to me it's rather plain, quite simple. I think the Gucci Boston bag look better, but on top of everything, Dior polochon is the most expensive , I think
  10. I have the LV sofia coppola and the leather is definitely more durable compared to the Dior polochon, it's simply divine! The LV SC uses calfskin which so far has survived rain and snow for me. It is heavier though because the lining is suede, not fabric or canvas. Something to consider if you want to use this as everyday.
  11. Both bags are really nice, but the LV is much pricier, and a bit plain. I suggest the Dior Granville Polochon because it is very unique and has a distinctive Dior look. The Dior should be easier to put stuff in because it has 3 compartment, 2 of which are not zippered. The middle compartment is the main zippered part.

    I really like the LV Monogram Empreinte Speedy, and it comes in an array of colours. Have you considered that as well?

    I still suggest the Granville over the LV, but if you want a calfskin bag instead of lambskin, then go for the LV.

  12. Thank you guys! I went to the LV boutique today to check on the SC bag. I'm not a big fan of LV and for the most times I went there it was for the clothing. Unfortunately I find the small size too small and the large too large :p Also I wish the small size comes with longer shoulder straps. And the strap rolls back and forth because it's attached to metal rings - I don't quite like that. So I think I'm gonna hold off on the SC. I haven't considered the monogram empreinte speedy mainly because of its all-over pattern.
    As for the polochon, I saw it in rouge carmin which is really gorgeous. there's also the new blue, and the resort corail, besides the beige and the black (w/ and w/o the cannage stitching). However when compared with the original granville it looked bulky on me. and my SA also suggested the granville has a shape more distinctive of dior. I'm already planning to get my mom a granville. now maybe I'll get one for myself too.
    Oh and I think the lambskin on granville/polochon is quite sturdy. and if anything the 'protruding' stitching lines provide some protection to the surface. Overall it's not as durable as the SC calfskin but I'm pretty much worry-free about it.
  13. yeah it does look plain. I was hoping the lustre of the leather would add some dimensionality but IRL it somehow looked a little dull...btw the pricepoint is way above the polochon, which I just couldn't justify.
  14. I hate the zipper really because, just like the lady dior zippers, it's only on the top. For a semi-structured bag you;ll need to pull a little harder, all the time with the two additional compartments pushing in. Whereas for the LV it extends to the sides of the bag so that you could open it wider. But I've just realized that few of my bags have a zipper. So maybe I hate zippers overall. looool
    I'm going to wait until they make the suede SC again. that way it's a little more interesting.
  15. The Polochon may look bulky because it's all stuffed up in the store. If you actually start to use it, it will look a lot less bulky.