Help me to choose a Juicy bag!

  1. Which color should I choose? Is this bag roomy enough to hold A4 size book? Anyone know which Saks store still has it on sale?
    juicy 227 ssense.jpg JCV03LP_mn.jpg
  2. I like the blue/pink combo better. I have a couple of the daydreamers but not sure if these will be big enough to hold a book.
  3. I prefer the brown of the two.
  4. Have anyone seen them in store? Which one looks better in TRL?
  5. I haven't seen them in stores so I'm not sure if it can hold a book. I would go for the blue/pink one, it's prettier.
  6. I like the browm one way better
  7. blue
  8. I also like the brown. It looks more sophisticated than the blue one IMO. I honestly didn't realize it was the same bag at first...
  9. I like the blue/pink one. The color combo makes it look prettier.
  10. brown
  11. Yep, totally agree -- I think the brown looks a lot more sleek than the blue/pink.
  12. i like the brown..
    Juicy Couture store in SF have several of this kind of bag but i forgot which color and it was on sale also.. you might wanna give them a call..
  13. Whats an A4 book?

    Anyways I dont believe that a Daydreamer is suitable to carry books, like a school bag. I never put any of my books into any of my juicy bags... besides the daydreamers opening isnt quite like a a traditional tote (its a bit smaller ) I mean, you can always adjust it by tightening or loosening the scarf, but its not an appropriate book bag. IMO

    Love the brown btw! I dont know whats on sale where, but I was just at the Juicy Couture in San Jose and there werent any daydreamers on sale.
  14. brown - i think matching shoes would be alot easier!!
  15. brown looks more put together - the pink/blue one looks rather whimsical and casual - at least you can pull off the brown one should you decide to dress up a bit or something.

    so my vote is brown!