Help me to choose a bag


Which one is a better choice for a everyday handbag?

  1. Bulga

  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs

  3. Kooba

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. which one do you think is a better choice for a everyday handbag as a 20 something girl? The first one is from Bulga, the second one is Marc by marc jacobs Dr. Q Groovee, which is my personal favorite but has been sold out in many places, and the third one is kooba.
    Many thanks!

    aed33325_black_b.jpg aed33325_black_a.jpg marcj2001111141_347x683d.jpg marcj2001111141_347x683b.jpg kooba 375 eluxury.jpg
  2. I like the Bulga. It's grown on me!
  3. I voted for the Bulga. I had the Kooba meredith but I ended up selling it because I found it was a little to dressy for an everyday bag and the front closure is kind of a pain to open and close. I love the Marc by marc jacobs bag but I've tried in on in the store and it's really really heavy.
  4. I voted for the Bulga!
  5. I like Marc the best.
  6. def marc
  7. MbyMJ :tup:
  8. Definately the Marc
  9. I am partial to MJ, but I liked this style the best of what you selected.
  10. My vote is for the Marc too:smile:
  11. I like the MbyMJ! :yes:
  12. Marc all the way.
  13. I voted for the Bulga. I love the pockets. Let us know what you decide!
  14. I'm definitely partial to Marc Jacobs. Have had one Kooba and never bought a Bulga before.
  15. Marc by Marc Jacobs got my vote, although the bag is on the heavy side.