Help me! This woman says I sent her a fake!

  1. I just sold a coach pouch on eBay and this woman sent me a nasty email asking for double her money back because it's a fake! It's not a fake since I bought it at the outlet and it still has the freakin' tag on it. I don't know what to do! She's all irate about it and I'm like, I didn't send you a fake, you can return it to a coach store if you would like! Ugh, what a struggle! I don't know what to do! She said, I know it's a fake because it's missing the numbers on the creed. It's a pouch! They don't put numbers on pouches! God, I'm so upset and she's threatening me with eBay action!
  2. Hi. Post the photos on the eBay Shoes & Purses Board (or a link to your auction). Send the ebay buyer a message telling them to check the forum for your post.

    Also you could tell the buyer to call Coach to ask if pouches have creeds but you never knwo if you will get a knowlegable person on the other end of the line.
  3. Tell her to go to a Coach store and check out the pouches in person. People usually are not educated on the details. Good luck.
  4. She said she would go to the store and have them check it out. I am really going to need some confirmation from her that the store said it's fake so i can take that to the outlet where I bought it. It's not fake though so she's going to be sad that she can't just send it back.
  5. Ebay is full of weirdos... I always put a disclaimer to the effect of "just because you don't think an item is authentic doesn't mean it isn't". I just got so sick of newbies and people who really had no idea they what they were buying. And I bet you that same person buys a fake and leaves feedback saying how much she LOVES her authentic bag!! :rolleyes:
  6. WOW...THAT SUCKS! I agree, you should post it in the "authenticate this" thread and send her a link. Maybe it'll ease her mind. I remember a long time ago I purchased a "Dior Saddlebag" for like $150. When I got it, it was soooo fake. I probably should have contacted the seller but it was my first purchase on e-bay and I didn't really know better. I ended up just throwing it away. I didn't want a fake bag in the midst of my collection! :p
  7. all outlet items are marked on the creed w/ a little circle stamp. im sure that the main stores will def be able to tell.

  8. The Coach pouches do not come w/ a patch and creed. Nor do a few other Coach items.

    I hope the buyer REALLY does go and get confirmation from a Coach store.

    Dont give in to her and best of luck!
  9. i had a pouch and it had the creed, just didn't have the numbers on it. i bought it from a coach outlet also
  10. Be careful she doesn't try and pull a bait & switch. If she files a claim with paypal- dispute it.
  11. some coach pouches do have creeds, the one she sold has a creed patch but no number on the creed

  12. Hm. Ok. I have a few and they dont have them.

    Thanks for the info.
  13. its mostly the leather ones and some of the more limited edition ones.

    you're right, most don't, but there are some that do

  14. Gotcha!;)
  15. eeek, i would be worried about bait and switch. hopefully this gets worked out, don't give in to her!