help me think of a theme please!

  1. hi everyone! one of my friends is currently a sophomore in high school and they are trying to think of a homecoming theme for the sophomore class. ie "shipwrecked sophomores" would feature a skit about pirates, etc. the idea is that the skit will promote unity among the 4 classes.

    she is trying to come up with a theme centered around a dance competition, hopefully starting with an s so that it sounds good with sophomores. any suggestions? :yes:

  2. How about theming it around the new show"SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?"..then they can compete against each other for prizes....
  3. Jill...3000 woohoo....sorry to be off topic

    In terms of a theme: Jill's idea is great....and has seriously stumped me now....I can't think of anything better than that lol
  4. the thing is they need a catchy name... like ____ sophomores.

    that IS a really good idea though... hmmm! thanks, jill!