Help me style this skirt (bright pink pencil)

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  1. Ladies,
    A while back I bought this bright pink No 2 pencil skirt from J. Crew. I am horrible at styling pieces that are unique colors. I never know what to pair with them (what colors will go).
    I am looking to wear this to work so I realize the rest of my outfit has to be somewhat muted or conservative b/c the color is so bright.
    Any suggestions?
  2. I would pair it with a simple cream or navy silk blouse and nude heels. It's lovely! I love J Crew but it's quite hard to get hold of in the UK :nogood:
  3. I love how she is styled, with camel. It would also be beautiful with a burgundy sweater or blouse and cognac or dark brown shoes.
  4. How about a polka dot blouse? I also like pairing this with green and purple if you're daring and if not a simple white blouse with pearls. This is one of my favorite post modeling pics once you wear it.
  5. I purchased the same skirt in Retro Jade (the bright aqua color) and will likely be having the same difficulty. I like the idea of wearing yours with navy. Maybe a crisp, white blouse and a navy J Crew Schoolboy blazer or a navy cardigan? Or how about a navy cashmere sweater, with a white button down shirt underneath, where the collar and the bottom shirt hem can pop out underneath?
  6. I'm wearing a pink pencil skirt today with a white button down shirt, gray cardigan and gray pumps
  7. They ship worldwide now. :smile:
  8. You can find pieces on net a porter