Help me style this red midi dress

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  1. I'm going to a wedding and bought this red and black midi dress from Topshop. I could use some ideas about how to style this dress (shoes, jewelry, bag).

    Shoes: I'm imagining black pointed pumps like Manolo BB. I'm ok with tall heels but prefer closed toed shoes.

    I have no idea if this dress even needs jewelry. I feel like there's so much dress all the way up to the neck that even dangling earrings would be too much. Any suggestions?

    As for bags, I have a clear box clutch that I can use but just want to hear other options.

    It's a special wedding and I really want to dress up and put a little extra effort in my outfit :smile:

    Help me please! :smile:

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  2. You already know what you want for shoes. Small hoop earring or diamond stud with bracelet and a ring, I would do. Clutch or small crossbody-red? or black?
  3. Thanks Gerry.
    Gold hoop earrings sound like a good option.

    What kind of bracelet?

    Strangely, I had not thought of the most obvious colours of red or black for clutch. But you're right. Thanks!
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    Great dress!

    Agree pointed shoes will be great with the dress. Studs or hoops or other plain geometric piece then a plain clutch in black,red, pink or colour of earrings. Maybe a fine bracelet too if you have a fave piece.

    This dress is elegantly stunning and deserves to be the highlight of your outfit. All your other accessories should emphasize the dress.

    Maybe also a very fine plain shawl if you need to be covered up for a while in church or outside. Something that folds up really small but not precious incase you leave it behind somewhere.

    Editing just saw you have a clear box clutch. Edit its contents so they match the rest of your accessories.
  5. Thanks!

    Excellent suggestions.
    Especially that reminder about the shawl. I just saw a thin black one yesterday and super affordable. I didn't buy it because I didn't need one, but now I do!
  6. I think this dress would look great with a cuff bracelet. If your earrings are simple, the cuff would fit the modern lines of this dress. If you do a shawl, I would not want it to be sheer-it might be too much going on...
  7. Definitely some cool, minimal earrings - the dress should be the highlight. You don't want the focus to be taken away by dizzy accessories. I wouldn't match the dress with a red or black clutch, it would seem too matchy. Perhaps a nude clutch and strap sandals?
  8. Good advice, and I like off shoulder style.
  9. I think pointed black pumps would be great. You could combine them with a black Alexander McQueen type clutch, with details in gold. I would also wear simple diamond studs, a bracelet and a watch as for jewelry, and definitely opt for everything in gold.