Help me stay focused

  1. So I did a little shopping at LV last weekend. I ended up with a mono 6 key holder and a Trunks and bags agenda pm. I was about to get a damier speedy but I decided to stay with the monogram and as much as I want to love damier I prefer the mono canvas. I am trying to focus my collection on getting a little something from each line that they came out with such as cerises, panda, groom etc. I would really like something from the cherry blossom line and think either the brown/pink papillon, retro or a wallet. My question is should I take back the T&B agenda ( I already have a white MC agenda) and put the money towards a used CB bag or keep the agenda and wait for awhile for the CB? There is a CB retro on let-trade now but it looks a bit rough and I have seen a few CB paps for around 650- 750.
    Here's what I have so far:
    panda pouchette
    cerises sac plat
    groom cles
    green perfo speedy
    Trunks and bags agenda pm

    What would you do? Thanks for you help!!:sos:
  2. keep the T&B! I love the trunks and bags thins...Basically what you are trying to do (get a peice form each collection) is what i've been doing...There are AALOT of Cherry Blossoms on eBay retros, papillions..blAhblah in very good condition but it depends on how much you want to spend..remeber also you can buy one for cheap and make sure the canvas is in perfect condition even if the leather is all nasty and yukcy you can have all the leather replaced by LV at a later date when you have more money! ..anyway good luck and keep the agenda! I have been planning on getting a T&B very soon.
  3. i would keep the tb agenda just because i think the tb line. but that's just me
  4. I would keep the T&B agenda and wait...even though you have 2 agendas, it's soooooooo cute!
  5. I'd return it and use the money towards a bag. I'm not a fan of the T & B line though.
  6. Since you already have the agenda i would return it and put the money towards somthing cherry blossom. If you want somthing from the T&B line maybe you can get the mini pochette
  7. I do this all the time, I think I like to drag out the buying process as long as possible. I buy one thing, change my mind, return or exchange for something else. I like the t&b agenda because it matches all my mono bags and it is LE, then I think I could use the money towards a bag and then I get all confused. I really do need therapy or counseling, I guess that's why I have tpf.
  8. I say take it back if you already have one agenda. I have one and never use it so I cant justify owning two. Up to you tho! I do love the way it looks.