Help me stay focused on my Hermes goals!

  1. Someone talk some sense into me! :sos: I've put myself on a purse shopping ban in order to save for my next Hermes--maybe a Garden Party, maybe a Bolide, maybe an Evelyne, I just can't decide--BUT lately I've found myself drawn to the Chanel Cerf tote and a few bags from previous LV and Fendi collections that have popped up on ebay...none come close to the quality of Hermes and eyes are wandering...I know in my heart I don't want a one night stand with a different designer...a mere fleeting pleasure that would ultimately be a set can I stay strong?:shrugs:
  2. Sheer willpower.

    If you have one bag you really love from Hermes and want to purchase...try to stay focused on that goal. THat is what I am doing not...just don't be tempted.

    I have a friend dying for a Chanel Cerf is killing her, but she is staying strong as well.

    YOU HAVE TOO...We will help you.
  3. Lulu, come on now, do I really have to tell you how much better made an Hermes bag really is?
  4. Lulu, since I'm a bag lover, I've been through this MANY times. I hope this doesn't sound silly :shame:...but I find that it helps to pen down my goals and Hermes wishlist. Whenever I feel VERY tempted to get that Celine, Prada, YSL or Fendi, I'd whip out my Ulysse agenda (yes, I have it pen down in there...:P ) to revisit what I wrote to keep me focused! HTH! :flowers:

    Stay strong! I'm with you!!! :smile:
  5. Lulu:

    What about put some money in your Hermes fund RIGHT NOW. so that you feel closer to the goal...that way..all you think about will be your dream Hermes bag and not others..:flowers: HTH!
  6. do you currently own an hermes bag?
  7. ooo, i agree. if you can see the money, you won't want to subtract from it. it will make it more real and tangible, and will more clearly illustrate that purchasing another purse will subtract from hermes.
  8. Stay strong! Everytime I think of straying, one visit to Hermes changes all that!
  9. Thanks for the support ladies, you all make great points. I think I'll try to narrow down exactly which bag I want so I can have a more specific goal to focus on--it's just sooo hard, every time I see a new post or a new bag or a new color I get smitten and change my mind

    HiHeels, yes, I own one bag, a 30 Birkin Rouge H in Veau Grainne Lisse which I purchased from a resale shop, currently it's at Hermes getting spruced up. I''m such a traitor, she goes off on a biz trip and I'm thinking about an affair!
  10. ahhhh - dr. kellybag has already visited!! I turn to her when I feel like spending my Hermes funds!!
  11. lulu, it's OK to have wandering eyes, those bags are probably gorgeous BUT will you be rocking them in 5 years, ten years? Will they have kept their gorgeous looks by then? Will you still be sniffing their leather? :lol:
  12. Stay focused: I know it can be hard, but it's worth it...the 2/3 non H bags I've bought recently, one, a YSL Muse, I've used a couple of times, a LV is brandnew never been out of my closet. I was a Balenciaga addict, I've sold them all except one that will go aswell after the summer, and I've regretted each and every one of these purchases. Now I've addopted a new system of not getting tempted by other bags, I don't look on ebay anymore, eccept for Hermès.. Also I don't go to the various stores, like Prada, Chanel, Gucci ecc...where I could be tempted by something....and it seems to be working! HTH;)
  13. Kristie, you are right on Hermes track I'd say! Getting a new gorgeous special order going...I'd say you are forcused!!!
    I think all you have to do is work that husband sweetie. I have noticed lately a few ladies have no trouble at Hermes, but with their PHHs.
    Mine included!
  14. Focus!! I know it is hard...there are some other lovely bags out there...and saving for the big H bags is so much harder than the other ones!! Ultimately you have to decide when and how you want another H bag.....maybe you need a "little something" H to keep you on track?? (I'm a good enabler lol!)
  15. Try to stay focused! You will be so happy you did.

    I do what Gigi does and write down my Hermes "wish list" so I stay focused.

    good luck;)