Help me start a good shoe collection!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I ordered a whole bunch of trousers & nice jeans yesterday for fall/winter and now I'm onto shoes. I don't have many shoes. I have 2 pairs of UGGs, a pair of Birk clogs that don't look too great anymore, a pair of burgundy pointy boots with a thin heal and a couple of pairs of tennis shoes. So...nothing traditional and nothing that would match with nearly outfit :sad:

    So, I've been surfing around Zappos, and I found these that I liked very much but would like to get some more opinions before buying. I'd like to get them in brown, but am not sure if this is okay since I'd mainly be wearing black trousers :confused1:


    I think they're a pretty traditional loafer that would match with just about everything.

    What do you think? Is this a good & basic shoe that would make a good start to my reformed collection?

    I have a wide foot, so I can't wear every type of shoe out there and I was very happy to see a nice pair of shoes in the search results!
  2. Here is another pair I found. Which do you like better? The first or the second?

  3. I like the first one.
  4. I prefer the second because I don't like the white stitching on the first pair.
  5. Have you considered basic ballerina slipper or driving loafer - they are very practical choices and will go with most outfits.

  6. this is something to consider. not really a big fan of either. sorry.
  7. I think a pair of pointy-toed kitten heel black pumps would be a good start; they would go with your black trousers and a lot of other things. I always watch What Not to Wear and they always say to go with a pointy toe to elongate the leg, plus wearing the same colour shoes as pants will also elongate.
  8. I have to agree, I dont like either of these choices. I think you should look into pointy toe kitten heels as suggested. You can also find flats that are more flattering than these, have you considered ballerina flats?

    I personally cant wear ballerina flats as they make my feet look like bricks! So I have a bunch of pointy toe and almond toe flats, or ones with maybe a 1/2 inch heel. You can get them in black, brown, grey and they would go with the pants you just bought.
  9. How about some black patent flats or mary janes with a lower heel? They look cute and youthful, and most of them are pretty comfortable. I like french sole, Jessica Simpson, Franco Sarto, etc. You can find most of these brands on Zappos.:smile:
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    Totally go with Not only does she have dozens of styles (flats, boot, pumps, super high heels, sneakers) but they look waaaay more expensive than they actually are. And they run a bit big so they don't hurt--order your usual shoe size. They will be roomy and comfy. Oh, and use coupon code WDdiary for 20% off your entire order! I love her shoes and clothes and glasses! Check out my thread that I will be starting tonight called My Jessica Simpson Collection under "Your Bag Showcase"--I'll post all my pics of her awesome stuff! I'd be surprised if I spent more than $500 on everything. Happy shopping!
  11. I totally agree! I'd also consider Cole Haan and Anne Klein who make shoes that are both sexy and professional-looking. They also have some with kitten/chunky heels that are easy to walk in.
  12. I like the first one ;)
  13. Oh, if you go to my albums in my profile the pics are better and I give a name for each piece. Remember to use that discount code!!!!
  14. Not really a fan of loafer altogether. I agree that you should look for some great flats or mary janes. I like Franco Sarto for comfy, inexpensive stacked heels. I have semi-wide feet and hardly ever wear heels, but these are great!
  15. I am not sure where you are planning to wear your new wardrobe, but I do agree that a nice pointy toe, kitten heel shoe would be a more professional looking choice.