Help me! Spilled coffee on my Monogram Neverfull!! :(

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  1. Hey guys.. I feel like crying!! I was making a turn when all of the sudden my coffee mug came out of my cup holder and spilled coffee all over my seat and on the outside bottom part of my bag.. Thankfully the coffee only touched the outside canvas part of my bag.. but how can I clean it so it doesn't damage the canvas and so the coffee smell goes away?

    My bag will NOT be riding passenger with me while I have coffee anymore :sad:
  2. You can clean canvas with whatever. I usually turn my Neverfulls inside out and wash them in the sink.
  3. If it only spilled on the canvas and not the leather trim, then there should be no issue. Just wipe it down with a damp paper towel or cloth. The canvas is pretty indestructible and nonporous so shouldn’t retain any smell either. Relax and enjoy your bag!
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  4. i have spilled red wine on de canvas and leather and just cleaned it with baby wipes (not much alcohol %). nothing happened to the leather or canvas
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  5. Canvas is basically plastic... so clean it with a sponge and a bit of soap as needed.
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  6. With all these suggestions, it looks like your bag will be just fine. :smile:
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  7. Dab of dawn dish soap with paper towel and a little warm water.
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  8. Damp paper towel or baby wipe here too. dont worry. I spilled coffee INSIDE my neverfull. I wish it had only been on the outside Sigh....
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  9. Did you get it out??? How?? I spilled breast milk in mine and it smells horrible :yucky:
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  10. I got a lot of it out but there is still a stain. I scrubbed with baby wipes and used a tide stain stick. Spent about 30 minutes doing it. :sad:
    Breast milk, yikes!!!
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  11. I had a bottle leak in one of my bags years ago. I turned the bag inside out, put a couple of dots of Dawn dish soap on it and fully rinsed it under the faucet. Then I left the bag inside out to dry and it was as good as new. HTH!
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  12. oh no - is the stain on the outside? on the mono canvas?
  13. Ahhh I was going to dry dish soap next, thank you so so much for this advice!!!
  14. Ok don’t cry, use a baby wipe on the canvas and that’s it, have a nice day :wave:
  15. I'm totally confused how your mono canvas got stained from coffee? Can you take a picture? It should have wiped right off.