Help me spice up my look!!

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  1. I use the same make-up day in and day out. When I am going out it’s still the same, I just put on a bit more.

    I need some inspiration, coz I feel lost and I have no idea which colours I should try.

    My hair is the other problem; it is longer now than on the photo but I have like no idea what to do with it or how to style it.

    I feel I look the same on every photo and it looks so boring, I would really like to change it up a bit.

    Can you help?

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  2. You are very pretty! I think you would look great with a peachy colored blush. That would brighten your face up even more (though you don't even need it!).

    I think also purple eyeshadows would look very nice with your brown eyes. Try experimenting with different shades of plum or purple. Dior and YSL also make nice plum colored mascaras.
  3. you're gorgeous! you look a little bit like audrina.. maybe play up her look a bit? go a little dark with your hair?
  4. You are so lovely! Whenever I get bored with my look I change up my eyeshadows or lipsticks. Maybe look at some celebrity looks and some youtube videos and try out some new, playful colors? For me, eyeshadows are my most creative outlet so I try mixing colors, layering in new ways, etc. You could pull off some bold looks, I say go for a red lip or some green eyeshadow!
  5. Aw thanks for the sweet words! I went out today and got a purple and dark green shadow! I only had brown! So I can't wait to try it.

    It is weird how you need change after a messy breakup..
  6. You could also try and nice bright pink lip, or a deep raspberry colour, while keeping your eyes neutral!
  7. I agree with Bridget a deep pink lipstick! I think cliniques black honey for a berry look. You are gorgeous

  8. You might want to go into a dept store to one of the beauty counters

    and get some suggestions.. and try going to a salon for a hair

    consultation to get some ideas..
  9. You are very pretty. The best colour for brown eyes are hues of blue as they are opposites on the colour wheel. Yellows (golds/bronzes/coppers) are next to blue on the colour wheel and also go great with brown eyes. Wearing a deeply pigmented jewel tone blue with copper/bronze would be beautiful on you.
  10. No help here, I think you look great! :smile:

    Your coloring is similar to mine, though. I like purples, grays and browns best for my eyes (just subtle eye shadow with a bit of smudgy liner and lots of mascara), pink blush and pink or clear lip gloss! That's my go-to look. Lately I've just been straightening my hair and wearing it parted on the side... pretty boring. Sometimes I'll do a cute headband or pin my bangs to the side, though.
  11. I am thinking about getting some golden brown highlights.. I have had the same hair forever..

    My mom got me a new blush today, Pinch me from MAC i love it.. It looks so natural for day use!
  12. I think you look gorgeous and are lucky to not need much makeup!

    If you want to try something different, I would suggest a teal green or mid tone green eyeshadow. Try MAC's Steamy or Urban Decay's Mildew shadows. Those will look great with your brown eyes and hair!