Help Me Spend My Saks EGC Card...

  1. Just received my purchase now I have a $150 gift card burning a hole in my pocket!

    Help me out gals.....I'd like to use it all up in purchase, but not go too much over!

    Open to everything...accessories, shoes, clothing, etc.!

    Any suggestions?
  2. Hmmmmm.......Buy some cool makeup at BOBBI BROWN?
    get a gauffre cosmetic pouch?My Saks in PA has them!!LOL!
  3. Bobbi Brown or a new fragrance?
  4. Ohhhh a new fragrance...i didn't even think of that! And I'm almost out of my current one!!!
  5. I love to treat myself to a new fragrance now and then. Kind of like taking on a new personality - KWIM?

    I really like Acqua Di Parma Fico Di Amalfi:
    Indulge in this sparkling, alluring fragrance that whisks you away to the Amalfi Coast—a place of stunning natural beauty surrounded by ancient legend.
    • Fresh, green note of fig.
    • Lively citrus notes.
    • Flowery base of jasmine.

    But I just got turned onto Jo Malone. I think Pomegranate would be wonderful for December/Christmas. Pomegranate Noir Cologne:

    Inspired by the allure of the scarlet-colored silk dress, Pomegranate Noir is an enigmatic scent. Ancient pomegranate, raspberry and plum are crowned with precious frankincense and patchouli to create a mystery that unravels with time.
  6. Thanks Maxter!
  7. I am all about the makeup but I would do Trish McEvoy!! I think those gift cards are made for makeup!! Have fun, twiggers!!