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  1. Hi ladies and gents!

    Please tell me what would you do in my situation. I have been lusting after the LV Delightful MM forever but never worked up the courage to get it. (I live in South Korea and the prices of luxury items are significantly higher). Also because it has a ton of vachetta and that makes me kind of nervous.

    So while I was pondering the idea of owning the bag, my husband encouraged me to check out Celine and Chanel to see if I saw something I liked better then the Delightful. I didn't find anything I liked "better" per say, but many things I liked equally.
    Ladies, what would you get?
    LV Delightful MM, Celine Micro Luggage Tote, or a black/red Chanel 2.55?

    The only thing I am nervous about is I know absolutely nothing about Celine or Chanel, so therefore I don't know how to take care of their bags. Another thing is I don't want to look like a newbie trying to buy one because I don't know the names/colors/sizes like I know LV's. Please help me! :biggrin:
    Thank you so much!

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  2. These are 3 very different bags, so it depends on what you'll mainly use it for.

    The delightful is more casual hobo style- good for shopping, travel, running around.

    The Chanel is more formal. Would work for dinners or parties.

    The Celine is also like the Chanel, but mainly hand carry, so a bit more high maintenance, probably heavier too, but a beautiful piece.

    Very hard to compare these 3.
  3. I vote for the Chanel flap, you won't get tired of it. I got tired of my Monogram pieces after a while. I really can't see the Celine being a classic many years down the road, maybe because I am not a handheld bag person.
  4. I know, I'm sorry I'm just really having a hard time myself too haha! And I would most likely just use it for shopping/day outings, I already have a clutch for formal events. =]
  5. I would get the Delightful. It is light and the handle is comfortable. I think it looks very stylish. I can not help you in regards to Chanel or Celine.
  6. Well, I think you should decide if you are looking for an everyday bag, or something more formal like the Chanel, which looks like it would be great for special occassions where dressy attire is required. I personnally don't like the Celine, but I am an LV lover!
  7. Just had to say, that I loved your title of your post. It drew me right in, lol. I only know LV (and honestly, don't know a lot yet), so my vote is for the Delightful. :smile:
  8. Def the Delightful! It's a fabulous bag, I love mine. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  9. I bought the delightful as my first LV and i really love's the lightest and most comfortable bag ever, makes me want to buy more LV which is bad :sad: haha. My vote is for the delightful if you are looking for a more casual/everyday bag. The only negative is the vachetta...because the bag is brand new there is color transfer since I am using it in the winter but hoping it will get better as it darkens.
  10. I love the Celine, but feel it's kind of trendy. The whole "purses with wings" look is a bit overdone now IMO. Does that mean I wouldn't get that bag? No, but I might think of something more classic that stands the test of time for my money. You can't go wrong with any of them though....keep us posted!
  11. I love the delightful it's such a comfortable bag to carry and holds allot.
  12. del mm, everybody looks effortlessly hip on this bag, plan to buy it on vday.
  13. As much as I do love LV, I vote black Chanel 2.55. I'm not really into the LV hobo or Celine brand. Good luck
  14. Chanel is the best. If all fails, you can shop til you drop with some SulHwaSoo ( my new favorite....amazing!!!!)
  15. I like the Chanel and Delightful, I'm not a fan of the Celine. Since you plan to use the bag for shopping/day outings, I'd go with the Delightful.