Help me spend my money! MC speedy or more reserved options?


Which should I choose?

  1. MC speedy

  2. Manhattan PM + wallet

  3. BH + wallet + 2 other small accessories

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  1. I have managed to save a pretty good chunk that I want to spend at LV. But, as always, I am having a problem deciding what I should choose. Let me backtrack for a minute. I have been lusting over the MC white speedy. I don't own any MC and really only love the white MC speedy over any of the other MC bags. While it is a big, blingy kind of bag, something about it attracts me. I saw one a month or so in the hair salon and I literally could not stop staring at it. I LOVE how this bag looks. Truthfully though, I am not really a blingy kind of girl. I generally like more understated things. I dress very basic, cute, but very basic - think lots of khaki lol... Also I am late 30's and a mom and I have heard all the comments about how several feel this line is for younger girls (although I don't really believe that myself, but I am aware of how others often see this line of bags).

    My problem is this - do I go ahead and get this bag that I love, even though it is so "showy" and bright? Also the fact that it is white and we are approaching the end of summer and I don't know how I would feel carrying it in the fall. I would use a lot however, in the spring and summer (for us March through end of September) -OR- should I get another bag like the manhattan PM (that I also adore) and a vernis or MC wallet? -OR- another option is get the BH and a vernis or MC wallet and maybe even 2 other accessories? I eventually want both the Manhattan, and the BH but my heart is all caught up right now in the beauty of the MC white speedy and it is forcing all logic from my mind. I need other opinions please. Right now these are the bags that I have for reference -

    Speedy 25
    Damier ebene saleya pm
    Baggy gm
    will be getting in a week - Tulum pm

    I also have a mono koala agenda, a mono pouchette and a mono pouchette wallet. So as you can see I do need a little color in my life lol...
  2. If your gut and your heart says "white MC speedy", I'd get that first. You will only be wishing for it if you buy the other bags first....just my opinion.
  3. It seems pretty obvious that you are in LVOE with the MC Speedy.

    Therefore, I'd get the WHITE MC SPEEDY or you just might regret it down the road as the price keeps going up.

    In my opinion, I think you could wear ANYTHING you want all year round as long as YOU feel comfortable wearing it.

    As for the age thing, that has been brought up many times and everyone always states that "LV IS TIMELESS".

    The Multicolore Line was made for anyone and everyone. :smile:

    Good Luck with your decision and keep us up-dated on what you get!
  4. Go with what you LOVE. The MC Speedy is too beeyootifull for words :drool:. I dress very simply, too, & I've tried it on at the boutique. It didn't look too blingy at all. Whatever you decide, show us some modeling pics. I'd love to see what you came home with.
  5. MC speedy!!
  6. Get the MC speedy. You love it and MC is so gorgeous. I have a white Trouville and a black Petite Noe and I think if I could do it over again I would have gotten a black MC speedy instead. I do think that if you can try the speedy on at LV to see if you like it.
  7. get the speedy. this bag is so gorgeous in black and white. its totally one of my favorite bags.
  8. i vote manhatten, im loving it right now but i dont have the money for a bag.
  9. Go with the Speedy!!!! :smile:)
  10. It seems like you REALLLLLLY want the MC. So I say get what you really want. Otherwise you will never be completely happy.
  11. MC speedy!
  12. Get the Speedy! Trust me, if you waver from your original choice, you won't be able to keep your mind off of what you wanted to get in the first place. That happns to me all the time. :push:
  13. I'd get the Manhattan PM and wallet...
    I seriously rarely use my MC speedy cuz I think it's more of a show bag and it really does not fit with my personality... However, I'm not going to sell it cuz I enjoy the fact that I own one lol. So... ya, just my opinion, it's still totally up to you on what you wanna buy! :yes:
  14. GO with the MC speedy!! It is gorgeous and you will love it!!
  15. Thanks for the opinions! Keep them coming!:yes: