Help me spend my insurance cheque!!!

  1. Ok not literally!!
    But I do have a insurance payout that I HAVE to spend on jewellery!! I did ask for cash but apparently they don't do that, so conscience cleared I have £4000 to spend!! woo hoo!

    I was thinking maybe a full eternity diamond type ring, and maybe some small diamond earrings, but not sure, think I would defo like a nice platinum ring for my right hand, does anyone know what I can expect to get for that kind of money, what I should look out for??? or where I should go????
    Thanks lots
  2. Oh please someone reply lol I have to go shopping this Saturday!!!
  3. Sorry for posting again, but I suppose what I am really wondering is what would you get with the cheque??? I'm looking for ideas lol - remember has to be jewellery!!
    thank you xx
  4. me? i'd buy the diamond studs i've been dreaming about for years (for me that's 1.5 ctw...i've priced them out in white gold and they run around $4K) i also have my eye out for a necklace that looks like the one i attached (although i think it's A LOT more than $4K), very small diamond huggies hoops (like these or these), and 2mm bead set diamond band for the other side of my wedding set.

    it really depends on your style and what you already have in your jewelry collection....why don't you just go to the store and look around? that's the most fun part. :smile:
  5. Can you shop anywhere??? Because the shop you have to buy from might influence what you choose. You can have some serious fun with 4000 pounds. Also, are you willing to add to this amount ?
  6. Hi thanks for your replies!
    Yes I can shop anywhere!! I want to go to a nice shop with good quality diamonds, at the moment my dilemma is do I go for a full eternity will smaller diamonds, or a half eternity with much larger diamonds!!!! I think both will be about £4000 - or maybe I should spend £3000 on a ring and £1000 on a pair or earrings, ooohh it's very exciting lol
  7. wow - that sure sounds like stress....;)

    I would get a great ring but not that great that you are afraid to wear it, KWIM? I like both eternity styles but I would rather go for the quality of the diamonds than the size. generally more a fan of smaller-sized stuff (but I am small... so...)

    could it be a watch as well? (I love watches and for me you can never have I would look into that.)

    not into earrings so can't say anything about that - but maybe a nice bracelet?

    have fun!
  8. i love the full eternity ring idea!!