Help me spend my credit at Portero!

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  1. Dearest H-loving tPFers, your taste is second to none. You helped me solve my evening bag dilemma (albeit I'll probably buy TWO of the amazing suggestions!) I turn to you if you happen to have a moment.

    I returned a gift and now have a $500 credit at Portero. I haven't been able to use it in MONTHS, as with their crazy price inflation $500 off anything is still overpriced :P
    The only small H items they have are scarf rings and scarves. I refuse to pay $225 for a used Régate scarf ring I can buy right now on for $180 new...matter of principle :biggrin:
    I know very, very little about H scarves as my dress tends to be of the bohemian/rock'n'roll/casual edgy persuasion even under an abaya, so the one square silk I own is never worn (moussies and maxi-twillys however I LOVE, and want to try the jersey and cotton scarves). Maybe I am missing something great that would be versatile?
    I am not wedded to H but EVERYTHING at Portero seems badly priced or questionable...I just can't believe this money is burning a hole in my Kelly wallet :lol:
    Apologies for long post! If you happen to be massively bored and/or craving vicarious shopping, I am deeply grateful for any suggestions ;)
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    Hi QF! Not sure I can be of much help, but for guidance, are you looking to spend as close to the gift card amount as possible, or just get something you love even if the credit only puts a small dent in the price? Two different mind-sets, two different approaches. If you want to stay close, or at least close-ish to the $500 credit, I'd suggest a bracelet (the enamel with the perfume bottles is lovely; I have it in a different cw) or a cashmere GM shawl -- the Portero prices don't seem too out of whack on those. The Cheval Sur Mon Carre is supposedly in pristine condition and with your credit, you'd be getting it for close to half price. If staying close to the gift card amount isn't an issue, how about the blue sapphire Medor clutch? That's pretty amazing if you like those colors!
  3. Thanks so much Cats! I don't want to buy a big-ticket item as I feel they've marked everything up to the point where I'd spend less shopping elsewhere with no credit - make sense?
    I've never tried a GM shawl but was looking at the Cheval sur Mon Carre (all the others are sale shawls, not sure why I care, but I do)...trying to figure out if I can wear those colors ( Although I am mixed-race I'm fairly pale, dark blonde with green eyes, people think I am Scandinavian or French usually - total genetic anomaly). Off to research these shawls!
  4. I totally get what you're saying about Portero pricing -- I gave up looking at their site for that reason -- HauteGalllery and Kaleidoplace are generally MUCH more reasonable!

    If you don't have a cashmere/silk GM, you definitely should, especially if you travel a lot -- they are wonderful for airplanes and air conditioning, as well as colder climates. They are lightweight but really warm. I wear the few I have way more than my silk scarves. And they fold up very small -- I can fit one, folded, into a quart-sized zip-lock bag.

    Pale, dark blonde and Scandinavian looking, huh? You could be my sister! I'm of Swedish and Dutch descent, and I think the colors of this GM would work on me. I'm very fair -- not one hint of olive in my skin. From the photos, it looks like the predominant colors when the shawl is draped are fuscia, purple ad black, which works with my coloring, so would likely work with yours as well. The important question is, do you love it?
  5. I would go look at the jewelry section, sort it by price in the $500 to $600 range and look at what's available. There are a few items that are unbranded, but very lovely that are viable options. In particular the rose gold hoops and a blue topaz briolette necklace that are very pretty and are well priced.

    I would stay away from Hermes, VCA et al, because they are so highly marked up.
  6. Thank you! Great idea! At this point it's the GM shawl (or wait for another colorway) or a Vuitton pochette 'cos they are always useful :biggrin: