help me spend my bonus money

  1. Dilemma: I am saving for a house. Therefore, most of my extra money goes into a down payment account. But I just got a really nice bonus and I would like to spend a few hundred on a classic bag that I won't get sick of and won't feel guilty about :smile: I tend to get bored of my bags really fast and don't want to spend a lot and get bored! I am getting that ballet pink bag next week, but can someone recommend a classic leather bag for under $400? Preferably a shoulder bag. What would you buy with that budget? (i'm not trying to be cheap but that $400 will be closer to $500 once the exchnge rate kicks in)
  2. Do you live in the US or elsewhere? Any colour preference, please?
  3. I'm in Canada. I love burgundy/wine, blues, black of course. I'm not really into browns.
  4. Are Cole Haan bags sold in Canada? They are very nice bags at a reasonable price; most are under $400. Check out their website or the ones on Neiman Marcus. I think Furlas are in your price range too. They feel so nice. Or Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. Very, very soft leather on many styles and comfortable to carry.
  5. We in Canada don't have the luxury of choices as in the US. So if you live near the border, I would suggest take a drive down to spend your bonus $ :p If not just take a stroll to Holt Renfrew and take a browse at their reduced price selections. I would also recommend Furla because I find some of their models are quite classy.