Help me spend my $125 NM/BG gift card!

  1. I have a $125 gift card coming through the InCircle rewards program. Perfect time to splurge on something for F/W and I have a new job around the corner as many of you know :tup:. Elegant business casual is the mood I'm going for.

    So here are the candidates:

    1. Vince cashmere top (black or charcoal):

    2. Vince cashmere ballet cardigan (also in black):

    3. Theory blouse (I have a ton of these but love 'em to death):

    4. theory tie neck top:

    5. theory blouse and/or cropped pants...great look on me honestly...and with my short legs the pants wouldn't be very cropped, LOL:


    Let me know what you think!! Any other ideas LMK! :wlae:
  2. I looooove number 4 - classy yet sexy
  3. I agree but, also love #3
  4. #3 gets my vote. I love that blouse.
  5. Thanks, ladies...more food for thought:

    theory sweater:


    Something in this I need to hit the gym, LOL:

    thanks, everyone!!
  6. Sorry to be an enabler but I like all of them! Earn more points!!! Buy 'em all! :yahoo:

    But if I had to choose I would probably pick #1 or #2 since autumn is just around the corner. The suit is really cute and practical too.
  7. my vote goes for #4!
  8. I really like 4,2 and three :biggrin:!
  9. Thanks for all your opinions everyone!!!
  10. #4 is very 'in fashion' this fall!!! I also like the first one in post #5.
  11. All of them are great but I really :heart: #4 and the black theory sweater.
  12. 1, 2 or 4 and I love the black theory sweater too. Let us know what you pick!
  13. #1 in charcoal! I am totally buying that!
  14. I vote the vince ballet sweater. I LOVE vince!
  15. i agree, all are great pieces, but 4 and the black theory sweater are great...esp if you belt the sweater over a pencil skirt this fall.