Help me spend $2000. ~~~ what would you buy?

  1. Okay, since I've been moping around due to bad E-lux experience

    and we can't quite go to Vegas yet due to all these CA fires ... hubby said I can have $2000.00 to spend in the meantime. So tomorrow I am going to a couple of boutiques and see what would quench this LV thirst and temporarily satisfy this addiction:girlsigh: until I get my suhali le fab.

    What do you suggest I get? I was thinking speedy damier 25/30 and mini lin noe in ebene ...
    Help me shop ladies and gents ... thank you:flowers:
  2. I'm sooooooooooooooooooo jealous! I like the idea of a Damier Speedy and Mini Lin Noe...what about the Mahina? I don't know quite how much it is tho....
  3. Duomo + Speedy?
  4. that's soooo nice!!!
    ok, have you checked out the trevi in damier yet?
    the smaller sized one?
    i tried it on at the shop and the bag was gorgeous!
    the only thing is that i wished the handle was shorter..... but i had a hard time not getting that!
    and i also vote for the damier speedy in 30.
  5. DH said you can spend 2000 in the meantime?

    hehe love it
    I would sugest the mini lin noe
  6. How about the multicolore noe? It's so cute!
  7. mc white speedy or petit noe...
  8. Get the speedy and maybe some accessories?
  9. yup~that's what i think!
  10. See if you can get your hands on a Mirage Speedy (gorgeous) or

    Go with the Damier Speedy 30 and accessories to spiff it up
    ~pastilles charms
    ~key chains
  11. I'd love the mahina, but it's more than $2000. and I don't want to give up my le fab for the mahina ... oh no, now you're making me think, what if?:confused1:
  12. ^^lol, sorry. I love that bag soooooooooooo much.
  13. Watta great hubby! Mine's the same way :love:. Don't you just love it when they support our LV habits? Another vote for the Mirage Speedy or the multicolor speedy...aargh, too many luscious bags to think about at that price range! Or maybe you can just send me the $$$ :p. Then I would buy myself the Beverly GM and a pair of sunglasses, or the Tivoli.
  14. seconded. duomo and mini lin speedy in ebene
  15. i like the idea of a epi noe and a damier speedy.