Help me spend $1000 of GC's at Saks. What can I get?

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  1. It's driving me crazy; esp. as I don't NEED anything. They expire shortly, so I have to spend them and I'm on a bag ban so...... help!:wtf:
  2. it kinda depends on what you are looking for. A big bag or a small one. And also how much do you plan to spend as a difference. The only things I can think of under $1000 are the clutch and the pochette
  3. I wish I had your problem:P. I'd suggest you go visit the store and surely something should catch your eye.
  4. Buy some gorgeous shoes! Louboutins would be my pick.:yes:

    or... put it towards a Chanel pearl necklace.
  5. Hmm. What about a really nice classic (lightweight) trench?? it possible to purchase a gift card with other gift cards?! :P
  6. I'd go with pearls too. However, you can always spend it and then return it later. They'll refund you with a new gift card that won't have an experation date.
  7. i agree go for a clutch or the cotton club pouchettes are so cute, or see if you can get a naked bag those are under 1000
  8. It's spring, go buy some beautiful spring dresses, shirts, shorts, shoes, etc.!:nuts:
  9. christian louboutin shoes! :jammin:i just bought two pairs and used my GC towards one of them!
  10. if you are having a problem, put them in the mail to me..I suggest just buy something.. hold on to it.. wait for the sale and then return what you have a find a nice sale items.
    Thats if you are worrying about them expiring.
    thats what I would do.. That way you won't have to spend any money out of pocket..
  11. I don't know what you will get - but I would get into trouble....hehehehe.:angel::devil:
  12. If you can swing it so you can use the $$ for one of the pre fall bags due out in June; if any of them appeals to you.
  13. Oh I love this idea. This gives you time to buy what you really want without being rushed.

  14. how about jewelry, Chopard or Bvlgari pendant?
  15. I just applied a $300 gift card to a pair of Kors espadrilles and a DVF dress for summer. If I had $1,000 I would have added Chanel sunnies and CL pumps. So many great things at Saks, I also love Missoni sweaters. I'm sure you will find some lovely things.