Help me speculate which bag i bought!

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  1. Hello guys, so I have been looking for a gaufre for ever. I finally decided to get on on full price in antik noce, which I will in the future. Then out of nowhere I got a call from my SA about one on Sale for a really good price. The SA described it as a gaufre in pewter with a single handle, sort of N/S. I thought it could be a dressy Gaufre but the dressy one is silver and not pewter.. Any thoughts on what this bag could be? I bought it, but I still dont know which one it could be:P Modelling pics to follow, when I get it:smile:
  2. Congrats on your new gaufre! That one-handle description narrows it down a bit but did your SA say what style it was (e.g. tote, hobo)? And did she mention the type of closure the bag has (e.g. zipper, snap, etc.)? I've seen the dressy gaufre in anthracite/graphite (can't remember which but it's beautiful and would come close to being pewter, i think) and I believe it comes in another 'bronzy' metallic color, just forgot exactly which one. Oh, BTW, does it come with a messenger strap?

    Either way, it must be exciting waiting for it. I envy you! It's like opening your christmas present(s) all over again. LOL
  3. Yay!! And its gonna de a good surprise whatever kind of gaufre it may be.. Im hoping its the hobo with a single handle ..I love the dressy but kinda lean towards the hobo:smile: She said it had a snap closure.. count down begins to its arrival:smile:
  4. ooooh! The MYSTERY gauffre!! Can't wait to see her! Whatever it is I know I'll love..!! Aren't u excited???!!
  5. Im thrilled!! I love the gaufre, Cant wait to touch the soft napa.. I have never seen a gaufre IRL:P So even more thrilled!
  6. My Gaufre just came in today! She is so lovely:smile: It was a framed gaufre after all! The color is anthracite/pewter. This is my first gaufre so In thrilled. The opening to the bag is a bit tight and small. But it can hold a lot. For those of you who have framed gaufres, do you use it in the day? Or would you consider this an evening bag?




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  7. Congrats on a great bag
  8. Beautiful bag! I would use it all the time.
  9. Congrats on new bag, she's a beauty!!!
  10. Oh yeah!!! Welcome to the club!!! She's gorgeous!!
  11. Congrats!
  12. Thanks Guys:smile: The bag really is so well made, I guess you cant stop at one. I really really want another gaufre with the shoulder straps:P
  13. wow...she's gorgeous!! Big congrats!!
  14. congrats sona, she is real beautiful!!!!
  15. Thanks Tulip, Thanks Kanin... I love this bag so much but I feel I will be using this bag as a fancy bag because the opening is small. I want to buy a gaufre I can carry everyday, maybe a hobo in Antik Noce If thats the color. Is it still available in stores? I am so looking for one :smile: