Help me SOUND like I know what I am talking about!

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  1. I am new to the world of wanting a higher end bag. In the past I have stayed in the Kate Spade world or the like. It made life easy. Kate. Spade. Now I am here lusting after so many exotic finds.

    My question? How to pronounce the names?!?!

    Even the seemingly simple ones present problems... Do you say Chloe rhymes with glow? Or Chol-e with a big E finish? Do you say Linea like lynn-e-ah or like L-nay-ah?

    So... what is your favorite bag? And how do you say it??? :yahoo:
  2. haha my roommate and i ponder a few of the designer names as well. we hear ya girlfriend lol i'll keep my eye on this post, i hope ppl respond.
  3. lmmfao... you should hear how my Gayman says Hermes......

    Gaymans version out loud: Her- meez.

    Vicious's Version out loud: Air-mez.

    this is not my favorite designer by ANY means necessary... but i thought it would help!
  4. I think we decided Linea Pelle was "Linn-e-uh Pell (like shell) -ay" during the sample sale.
  5. OK, I have never heard anyone say "Botkier" out loud. Is it Bot-key-ay? Bot-keer? Bot-key-urr? I always thought it was the first, but I'm not certain enough to actually say it.

    Reminds me of when I was young and I was an avid reader. I though awry was pronounced aww-ree. And Iwo Jima was ee-wah-gym-uh. Cracked my dad up.
  6. I say:

    Boat-key-a (long a at the end)

    Lynn-a (long a)-uh Pay-lay



    The easiest way to figure it out, in my opinion, is to call the CS line when they are closed. Listen to the voice mail and go that way. I called LP like 3 times during the sale and once to leave a VM and every time I called thats the pronunciation I got. Its a region in Italy where high end leathers come from, so since they obviously just got the name from there I stick to my way.
  7. Do a search, there a couple of useful threads. Welcome!
  8. I saw Botkee -er. All in one smooshed word hehe. Basically, it's kind of phonetic.
  9. Some of the listings on Zappos have a 'brand pronunciation' button. Not that I needed one for Marc Jacobs but I appreciate their efforts.
  10. Ha, this is a great idea. I remember a huge dispute years back about how to pronounce Stila and some people did just what you suggested. I met Jeannine Lobell at a party, and she was able to put an end to the debate!
  11. How do you pronounce Stila? I always thought it was Steel-uh, but I've never heard anyone say it!
  12. Great thread. I am on the hunt for a Treesje and I went into a shop who carries the line. I coyly started conversations with different SA's to hear how they said it. Ha... they all pronounced it differently! So I still don't know :P
  13. hey ppls keep these coming! it's entertaining and educational at the same time!
  14. I say:

    Still-uh (Stila)

    Tree-szhay (Treesje)

    The one I still forget is Givenchy. I always want to say Guh-vinchee instead of Zhee-Von-Shee.

    I know my mom still says Etienne Ag-Ner instead of Awn-Yay.
  15. The makeup lady at the Stila booth calls it "Steal-la"

    Btw - in earlier response to your Botkier question, I called Botkier once and they called themselves "Bot-key-ay" - it sounds French LOL